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27/01/2014 20:34
ONE is the ending theme used in the Japanese version of movie 11, Giratina And The Sky Warrior. It is advisable that you read the analysis of Where The Lost Ones Go, first, since this ending more or less carries on from the message it carries. Section 1 I see you chatting away with friends Wind,...

I Will Be With You (Where The Lost Ones Go)

27/01/2014 20:08
This song is the ending theme used in the Japanese version of Movie 10, Rise Of Darkrai, although it is sang in English. There is no confirmation, unlike with High Touch, that this song is explicitly about Ash and Dawn. However, it makes sense that this song is related to the characters of the...

Submit Your Fanarts!

26/01/2014 19:58
We'd like to have Fanarts and your favourite official images for our gallery, as well as a submission for Fanart of the month. It's not a question of artistic ability. Of course, if you have an exceptional piece of art you own, or have permission to use, do notify us! Send them to us via Serebii,...

Tell Us Your Story

26/01/2014 18:42
Testimonies for why Pearlshipping became your OTP, if you're a Pearlshipper, are wanted! Unfortunately Our original post on Serebii Discussion 3.0 has been removed for "Advertising", therefore, here are the details:   CALLING ALL PEARLSHIPPERS! TESTIMONIES NEEDED! To add to the content of this...

My Testimony; FinesseMalkin

25/01/2014 19:50
Hi, I am FinesseMalkin. You can find out more about me on Our Team, since I am one of the admins of this site.   My story of Pearlshipping, huh? I can't imagine why you should be interested. But allons-y! I used to think Pokemon was just plastic spheres & plush toys, stereotypically a...

High Touch

24/01/2014 21:36
The song on this very page is Pearlshipping's flagship song, High Touch. It's sung by Ash and Dawn in the Japanese version and is part of the official Pokemon franchise. Aside from this original version, there is also a 2009 remix for this song.   For more information, see the full...

Important Points To Note

23/01/2014 21:59
Farewell, or See you later?: It is noted that Ash has said, in the Japanese original version, "Sayonara", the farewell, goodbye to every travelling female, except for Dawn. Instead, both times (DP end and BW cameo), he has said "Ja mantane", which means "See you later". Obviously not definitely...


23/01/2014 21:43
High Five: The High Five first appeared in Mounting A Coordinator Assault. Ash and Dawn did this impulsively in the corridors at the Jubilife Contest, which Ash was persuaded to participate in by Dawn, though he typically does Gym Battles. A sign of encouragement and a trademark of Pearlshipping,...
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