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FAQ: Ask Us!

Q: Why do you guys hate Amourshipping so much?

We don't hate Amourshipping. That kind of implies we irrationally despise it. What we do is we refute the ship and critically analyse the relationship between it and Pearlshipping, backing this up with ideas developed from anime as well as raw facts. So inevitably, most of us hold a dislike for the ship, but it's definitely not irrational hate.

Q: Did you guys leave the site or something?

A: We try to update the site as much as possible. But if it's been a while since our last update, then it is very likely that we are all busy with our regular lives.

Q: You know what? I disagree with Pearlshipping and/or disagree with something you wrote. Where should I tell it to you guys?

A: If you have a long rant for us, please don't leave it on DataCore. It is very likely that the message will be deleted, especially if it is "tl;dr" and has "anti" content. For long posts or debate related messages, please leave it on our forum, Pearlshipping Vault. But if you have a short dispute or correction, then a comment on the website will be okay.

Q: Amourshipping might become canon!! What do we do?!

A: Canonity is not a necessity, and the directors' decisions are not flawless or unbiased. Remember, the popular decision is not always the best or most realistic. Ship what you like best!

Q: Where's the next newsletter??

A: If we do release a newsletter for a month, it may not be released exactly on the 1st of the month. Currently, however, the newsletters are at a hiatus. An announcement will be made if a newsletter is released.

Q: How can I submit my own analysis or testimony?

A: Post your submission at the below pages on our forum. Then we will read/review and you may find your submission on the website!


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shuharu | 22/02/2016

i totes support pearlshipping, and contestshipping.


Paolo1350 | 08/09/2015

Are you guys on Tumblr and if not, are you planning to make one? I would love to follow you guys there.

my fic

max acorn | 23/03/2015

last year before xmas, my fic was suppose to be featured on the newsletter but it didn't happen. is it too late to ask for one of my works to be featured?

A Problem

Wolf Winters | 20/12/2014

I'm having concerns because of the fact that there's an anime episode called 'Ash and Serena's First Date.'

Can someone explain this to me?

Re: A Problem

NovaStorm | 05/02/2015

No need to worry ;)


Pearlshipping | 08/11/2014

I think we should get a Twitter and post things about pearlshipping! Reply if it's a good idea and we need someone to do it

Re: Twitter

IA | 07/08/2015

That's actually a pretty good idea. Who's up for it?


pearlshippinglover | 24/10/2014

pearlshipping is awesome and love

Dawn Returning

Wolf Winters | 12/10/2014

I've heard rumors that Dawn may be returning to the anime.

Can anybody explain to me if that's true? Because that would be stupendous.

Re: Dawn Returning

Pearlshipper4ever! | 15/10/2014

There is a petition for dawn going back on the show so I would love to see Serena and dawn have a showdown

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