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Want to learn more about Pearlshipping? It's all here on the Pearlshipping DataCore. Here, you'll find in depth analysis on Pearlshipping, as well as overviews of its concepts. We're here because we love Pearlshipping!

But Pearlshipping DataCore does not stand on its own. It is part of a unit called Project Pearlshipping, which aims to revive Pearlshipping and make Pearlshipping the most deeply covered ship in the Pokeverse, as said in "Our Vision" below. Project Pearlshipping is comprised of:

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With the exception of Vault, all the above platforms are more formal and for us to deliver Pearlshipping facts, analysis and news to you. That brings us to...


ProjectEXtra comprises of several extra (hence the name) platforms we use to connect with Pearlshippers that have content that aren't strictly formal or official to Project Pearlshipping. These are:

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.Twitter: There is actually minimal content overlap here, and we will retweet Pokemon and Pearlshipping stuff you guys might find interesting, and there are also some Japanese fanartists that post their work on twitter, which we will retweet. Oh yes, we also post anime screenshots/ out of context pics here.

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May 19th 2016: Updates

Newsletters on hiatus again. 

Personnel: Platinumsun aka PlatinusShinefall is now an administrator on Vault. 


Our Vision:

We want to make Pearlshipping the most deeply covered ship in the Pokeverse. We want to not just be content with plainly seeing what's on the surface, but to delve deep into the heart of this ship.

Our Project won't only be a comprehensive guide on Pearlshipping, but it also seeks to support and encourage Pearlshippers, both new ones and ones that have been with the ship since DP.

"When every life meets another life, something will be born."

The Shipping Situation Update:

Buneary was featured as a Pokemon in XYZ20 with a quiz section about her. There's a video of that on PTV.
So far no major developments for Amourshipping, although you all know about the episode where Serena dresses up as Ash because he has a fever. And when he had a fever he fell into her arms going "aa..aa" and Serena, being who she is, is like "aaah is he going to say "ai-ai-aishiteru" *blush* etc etc. But no he was just telling Pikachu to attack in his weird feverish state.
And there was the episode where Ash drank out of Serena's bottle. Which she was NOT holding by the way in case that's what you were thinking.
Soooo...all we have to do is keep waiting.


Re: The whole thing about Serena

pika25 | 23/02/2014

I just don't get this whole SatoSere thing.

I'm so happy!

SP | 17/02/2014

It's so nice seeing all these pearlshippers. When XY first started everybody just jumped onto the Amourshipping bandwagon. I thought I was the only one who wasn't hyped up over Amourshipping. I don't think it will become canon. After 100+ episodes Serena will leave and a new female will replace her.

Admin Reply: FM
Amourshipping? Canon?!?! Pahahahaha

Re: I'm so happy!

JK | 25/02/2014

Just like with Penguinshipping, Amourshipping will only be one-sided at its best. Ash and Dawn have helped each other much more than the few times Serena has so far.


Amanda | 16/02/2014

Thank You Admins! I honestly thought we lost all our pearlshippers. It's lucky that we have pearlshippers like you<3

Admin reply: IA

Never despair! The world needs more Pearlshippers like all of us. Hardcore and loyal. Far too many people have become Amourshippers! But rest assured, we'll never go over to that side.

Pearl is always #1

Platinum | 13/02/2014

Don't worry about Amourshipping threatning Pearlshipping. Everybody knows that Serena has a very obvious crush on Ash, but Ash has not reciprocated any feelings yet. Most of the Amourshipping hints are from Serena. Like its stated on here, childhood friends rarely get their way. I've watched plenty of anime with that situation. Heck, there is even a tv troupe called "Unlucky Childhood Friend". Dawn is the only girl Ash treated more than a friend. They had the closest friendship. Misty and Ash had a bossy older sister- bashful younger brother relationship. May and Ash had a student-teacher or a older brother teaching younger sister relationship. Even if the writers do make Amourshipping canon (Please don't though), Ash and Serena will never have the special relationship Ash and Dawn has. How does Amourshipping become so superior just because Ash and Serena met once in their childhood? I don't understand their reasons. I can write a whole essay on why Pearlshipping is so much better than the other bash ships. Keep the Pearlshipping spirit!!

Btw- Who do you think is cuter or prettier, Dawn or Serena?
My personal opinion is that Serena is a cute girl, but Dawn is super cute and she has a certain charm in her looks which makes her more appealing.

Admin FM:
I think Dawn is so much cuter- & not just because I'm a Pearlshipper! Serena looks like one of those typical glam girls- think of Sharpay in High School Musical- blonde, fashion crazy, boy crazy to a certain degree. That's how I see her. Obsessing over one boy just adds to the effect. Dawn on the other hand has a style of her own- I'm not fond of the miniskirt but she's unique & her style is like none else's! In that contest dress too- adorable. FinesseMalkin :D

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