Best Wishes (Song)

26/10/2015 13:38
Welcome to the analysis on the first Japanese opening of the BW season. Now, obviously this isn’t part of the DP series, so wouldn’t be the first place we would look for Pearlshipping hints, but the connection to Dawn/Pearlshipping was first observed (and published) by the user karczx on serebii,...

Surely Tomorrow; (feat. Piplup and Pikachu)

11/08/2015 19:54
Surely Tomorrow is an ending song in the Japanese version of the anime, debuting in DP097. Usually, ending songs are there for decoration, if you will, and don’t have much element of canonicity, unlike opening songs, or songs that have featured in Movies, or theme songs. However, the interesting...

Antenna of the Heart

31/07/2014 20:40
Antenna Of The Heart This is the Japanese ending theme of Movie 12, Arceus and the Jewel of Life, or as it is called in Japan, Arceus: To A Conquering Spacetime. This song definitely doesn’t insinuate a platonic relationship, as you will see in the lyrics. So this song could either apply to Kevin...

Ice Cream Syndrome

01/07/2014 13:13
This song is most likely from Ash’s point of view, as it is sung by Sukima Switch, who is male, and it is also Ash who features on the cover of the album, eating an ice cream, no less. This song is representative of Ash’s view of his and Dawn’s relationship towards the end of Sinnoh. Scroll down...

High Touch

01/02/2014 21:16
High Touch is such a massive hint in favour of Pearlshipping. It is without doubt that it deserves its own section. It was used as an opening theme in the Japanese episodes of DP090 to DP158, and also for the Japanese version of Arceus And The Jewel Of Life. It is a song that undisputedly,...


27/01/2014 20:34
ONE is the ending theme used in the Japanese version of movie 11, Giratina And The Sky Warrior. It is advisable that you read the analysis of Where The Lost Ones Go, first, since this ending more or less carries on from the message it carries. Section 1 I see you chatting away with friends Wind,...

I Will Be With You (Where The Lost Ones Go)

27/01/2014 20:08
This song is the ending theme used in the Japanese version of Movie 10, Rise Of Darkrai, although it is sang in English. There is no confirmation, unlike with High Touch, that this song is explicitly about Ash and Dawn. However, it makes sense that this song is related to the characters of the...

Dub Music

I'll Always Remember You Analysis (English Movie 10 Ending)

06/02/2015 10:51
I know the dub isn't the best place to look for hints since it is not the original canon, but this song gives us one. Even if it is less canon, the way the writers wrote the song shows that he truly understood the dynamics of Ash and Dawn. I'll be tackling this song much like "Where the Lost Ones...

I Believe In You Analysis (English Movie 13 Ending)

14/03/2015 21:34
Once again, I will be tackling a dub song from a Pearlshipping point of view, showing how it shows the romantic relationship between Ash and Dawn. This time, at the suggestion of one NovaStorm, I will be analyzing "I Believe in You": the end song of the final DP Movie, (Goodbye Dawn, you'll be...

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Topic: Music


JK (NovaStorm) | 01/03/2014

This section is great, it shows just how valuable music is to Pearlshipping. I didn't even know the music mattered this much. No other ship can top the music that this ship has affiliated to it! :)

Admin Reply: FM
Too right! The music is a major part of my reasoning behind Pearlshipping too, personally.

Re: Music

pearlshippinglover | 25/10/2014

yes it so how must pearlshipping is awesome and deep it a love no one can deny

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