Antenna of the Heart

31/07/2014 20:40

Antenna Of The Heart

This is the Japanese ending theme of Movie 12, Arceus and the Jewel of Life, or as it is called in Japan, Arceus: To A Conquering Spacetime. This song definitely doesn’t insinuate a platonic relationship, as you will see in the lyrics. So this song could either apply to Kevin and Sheena or Ash and Dawn. And as we read on, it becomes clear that it is most likely about Ash and Dawn.

As this song is sung by a female voice, it leads one to believe that this is Dawn’s viewpoints we are seeing.

A spring snapped, and the future stood still
On the rooftop, the two of us looked at the sinking town

I read this verse, and there’s one thing that strikes me. Remember Movie 10,11 and 12 are part of a trilogy? Well, this verse sounds an awful lot like what happened in Movie 10. Ash and Dawn were stood on top of the Space Time towers looking down at Alamos Town being destroyed and waiting for it to be fixed as Oracion played. The spring snapping refers to an event happening that causes chaos to ensue- and that’s what happened exactly in the movie. The sinking town is obviously Alamos.

Your bangs lightly fluttered in the wind
Fascinated by the moment, I danced with the air.

This verse might be a bit weird, but it’s important. The mention of “bangs” (or a fringe, as we know them in the UK) means that the relationship depicted in this song isn’t just symbolic of some random stuff. The “bangs” show us that this is the relationship of two humans being depicted.

Shall we ride the boat crossing the meadow?
You mutter, breaking the silence
We can see the boat crossing the meadow, right?
The swelling white sail that takes us on board

The reason why there is very poetic imagery in this song, of course, is because well…it’s a song. This verse DOES, however, remind one of the scene in Movie 12 here Ash and Dawn are riding the boat on the way to the flower garden. There was no sail- but remember this is a song and poetic imagery is used. “You mutter, breaking the silence” is also reminiscent of the scene where Ash and Dawn quietly look sad about the prospect of Shaymin having to leave and Ash goes “Shaymin…”

The boat thing is also a running theme across the song.

Inside of me, amongst a complex circuit
My ashen daily life was gloomily at a loss

Haha! Now this part makes us even surer that it’s Dawn. This is past tense-“was”-, keep this in mind. This seems to be a reference to where Dawn was in that depression stage where she lost those contests. “Complex circuit” also sounds like an indirect reference to “contest circuit” but we can’t be sure of that. The “at a loss” part makes a lot of sense though.

Now, the antenna of my heart is resonating
Could this possibly be what is called "love"?

And now this is the present tense. After all Ash has done to help Dawn, it seems she’s feeling something- if we’re going by this interpretation, of course.

I want to ride the boat crossing the meadow
Cast aside science and math, the things that restrict
With the mast of the boat crossing the meadow
Cut through the wind and go forward, all the proof of living

Let's ride the boat crossing the meadow
Spellbound, your dignified face in profile nodded
We can see the boat crossing the meadow
The swelling white sail that takes us on board

This song doesn’t have a true chorus, so it seems that these two verses are the typical “double chorus” end seen commonly in songs.  The second line of the second verse is also something that is typical of Pearlshipping- Dawn is very much portrayed as someone, who although is great friends with Ash, also looks up to him.

So this fits into Pearlshipping quite well. And we’re asking the question too;

Could this possibly be what is called "love"?