Ice Cream Syndrome

01/07/2014 13:13

This song is most likely from Ash’s point of view, as it is sung by Sukima Switch, who is male, and it is also Ash who features on the cover of the album, eating an ice cream, no less. This song is representative of Ash’s view of his and Dawn’s relationship towards the end of Sinnoh.

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Our relationship is a casual one

To the point that we can talk about anything

We've been together a long time

But nothing's changed, has it?


This first verse reflects their informal relationship, which is certainly more casual than Ash’s relationships with the other girls. Ash and Dawn’s relationship is depicted as informal and friendly from start to finish, with Dawn joking with him through the series, and leading a more relaxed relationship than with Misty and May, and incidentally, Iris and Serena as well.



Even the mood that gets set up with such pains

Gets poked fun at and is brought to an end

I can't speak my mind

I can't add parentheses


This verse describes Ash perfectly. As we know, he is an “actions” and not “words” person. This is shown, for example in how he acts when Paul winds him up. Ash is also impulsive in his actions and seldom makes speeches or anything like that. This would apply for any relationship he was in. And it is also mentioned in High Touch that Ash doesn’t know what to say about his relationship with Dawn.


The sun shines scorchingly

My T-shirt is drenched in sweat

It's like I'm all damp

I'll never get dry

I ran into a convenience store to escape

And bought a nostalgic comic book


Nothing really to say for this verse. It just goes along with the plot of the song, which of course, considering real life context, is also a standalone song.


How would it be if you were here?

Would you laugh with me?

We've been acting it out for so many years

Casted as best friends

The distant feeling is okay

But it would be tough if I could say my true intents


The fourth line. That is a very poignant line. As you know, Pearlshipping is very much focusing on the bond of friendship, not so much romance- which isn’t a weakness, since they’re just kids at the moment- and friendship often leads to romance. Ash and Dawn are very much casted as best friends by the directors. Slight breaking of the fourth wall here, but it’s really shown in everything; from their names both appearing on the title card, to the lyrics of High Touch…



You say it's easy to discuss

But you're always talking about your love life

I keep it inside my delicate heart to not be found out

I want the smile reflected deep in my eyes

To only belong to me;

For whatever reason, it won't be burned in there


If I softly peek into the finder

If seems like you're even

Further and further away than I imagined


This is, after all, during Movie 13, and if looking at this in one interpretation, it seems as if Ash thinks Dawn is drifting away further and further than him, and the separation due to their respective journeys is imminent.


Someday you'll disappear with someone

If I look up, there's a jet plane

Tearing the blue sky in half


This verse is kind of prophetic. This scene, although not with Dawn disappearing with someone, is seen in the episode where Dawn leaves in Rival Destines, BW. She leaves in a jet plane and the Ash is seen staring at it. His expression cannot be gauged since he is facing away from us, but when he turns around he does not have a happy expression on.


The summer is flying away to the distant sky

The seasons are already passing by

We stand awkwardly

Amidst the haze of heat

Even in this blurred world

Only you remain without distortion

This part implies that Dawn is very important to Ash, which reinforces High Touch's message where Dawn's importance to Ash is compared to Pikachu's. Seeing as Ash and Pikachu share a very close relationship, this is significant.

The syndrome called "friendship"

Is a perpetual labyrinth without exit

It's frightening even to move

So I can't take a step forward

The ice cream that I had meant to eat

Has melted all over


The two lines at the end here make it clear that it is from Ash’s viewpoint, as well as the album cover. Ash is shown eating an ice cream, more or less proving that this is his viewpoint. Pikachu’s eating one as well but it would be safe to say he is not contemplating a “more than friendship” bond with Ash. This also reminds one of the scene in “Tanks for the Memories” where Ash and Dawn go on a sort of ice cream date.


Destiny doesn't wait

Though I want to encounter it right now

Maybe I'll try calling it out

With an unusually serious voice


This leads the fact that Ash and Dawn are apart as of now to be in our favour. “Destiny”, we’re inferring, judging by the previous lyrics, is ultimately Pearlshipping. Because it says that he wants to encounter it “right now”, it means he has to wait. And Ash is currently waiting.


If I had taken it away like that

I might already be able to vigorously convey

The feelings I hold

If I peek into that finder


This song’s got a sort of camera theme, and a “finder” is a part of a camera, for those of you who don’t know that yet. “The feelings”. Well. We all know what that means.


I hope that you look close enough

That I could reach my hands to you

If happiness increases, it's not a big deal

When I'm with you, no matter when

You always seem to sparkle


This mitigates the flying away with someone else part, because using the context we’ve implemented, it says that Dawn always seems to sparkle when Ash is around. And that is the perfect ending portrayed. We’ve just got to wait.