June 2014

01/06/2014 12:36

Hello, and welcome to this month's newsletter. You'll be joined by me, IceArceus, in analysing some summery hints!

So, what's happening? Here are reports on what's going on in public Pearlshipping arenas.

-Fanfiction: Good. Pearlshipping fanfics are posted and updated regularly, although the Ash/Dawn section is infested with Amourshipping fanfics as well. An increasing number of Advanceshipping fics are also showing up in the Ash/Dawn section, annoyingly.

-Serebii: Threads are posted on regularly.


-Pearlshipping Vault:- We've been paid a visit by the Advancers, and we have been enjoying debates with them.


Hints of the month with IceArceus

Since it's June, and the first month of official summer-(doesn't seem like it in the UK but what's new)- we'll be analysing the Pearlshippy moments during the beginning of movie 12, Arceus and the Jewel of Life, where Ash and Dawn and the Pokemon are enjoying themselves in the summer sun.

The series of cutesy hints are actually pretty important to Pearlshipping. Firstly, Ash and Dawn splash each other with water, showing their informal and playful relationship, and emphasizes the fact they're at ease with each other and in each other's company. It's also noted that this has not happened before with Ash in the anime. Another significant point is that it is actually Ash who initiates this hint. This shows that he is not passively reciprocating, but actively initiating. Ash's normal denseness and care for romance of any kind makes the fact he initiated it even better. It leads one to think he cares enough about his relationship with Dawn.

Then, there's the fact that Pikachu and Buneary swim off together before Ash and Dawn share their cutesy moment. Amourshippers frequently use the argument that their Pokemon leave them alone, and assert this point as if it is theirs alone. Not so. After Pikachu and Buneary swim off, Ash splashes Dawn with water. And in actual fact, this hint is probably better than the one where Serena asks Ash if he remembers her after Pikachu and Fletchling run off. Why? For starters, romantic relations are actually implicated between Pikachu and Buneary, while there is none between Pikachu and Fletchling, Fletchling even being Ash's Pokemon and not Serena's. When Pikachu and Buneary swim off and leave Ash and Dawn alone, it gives the impression of Ash and Dawn paralleled with Pikachu and Buneary.


Furthermore, with Ash and Serena, Serena has to do all the "work". She initiates the conversation by asking Ash whether he remembers her, to which he replies he doesn't. While with the Pearl hint, it is Ash who starts the action.


That's it for this month's hints! Another analysed hint to add to your proverbial Pearlshipping toolkit.


Fanfiction of the month: This month's fanfiction is "Pokeschool" by my friend Beemo456 on Fanfiction.net.

It's a fanfic worth reading, and includes some manga characters as well as the newer characters of the XY anime. Well written, it gets progressively better as you go along, and I have to say the latest chapter's great!

A word from the author:
Hi! I'm beemo456, a huge Pearlshipper! As you can see from my other fanfictions, you can tell. I first came into the world of FanFiction in 2012. My friend Scarpool (you should totally check out his Percy Jackson fanfictions) introduced it to me at the beginning of the 2011-2012 school year. He told me to check it out and I did. Wow, I'm glad I did! I shipped Pearlshipping since the first episode when they tried to find each other. I have done three stories on Pearlshipping, Pokeschool included. Pokeschool is my first fic I ever wrote on FanFiction and I redid it because I saw how horrible it was. It's mostly about Ash and Dawn going to the same school. My other Pearlshipping fanfictions are If Only I Could've Saved You (which is a one-shot) and Unova Adventures. I'm redoing the second one, as well. (When I finish Pokeschool, of course.) As I saw, most Pearlshippers accepted Amourshipping as one of their pet ships. Uh, NO. You cannot abandon Pearl like that, certainly not on Amour. It's really cheesy and it even stopped me from even bothering to watch. Before I lose control over my Serena ranting, you can just check out my profile on beemo456 on https://www.fanfiction.net/u/4363774/. You can find my pet ships and my rants on other ships there. I hope we can work together to bring back Pearl as one of the main ships in Pokemon! (Which I doubt since Ash is immortal, but who cares /shot.)

Plenary: Pearlshippy things to do this month:

-Read Pokeschool

-Make an account on Vault

-Check out the new videos on Pearlshipping TV

- Maybe watch a bit of Arceus and the Jewel of Life.


Thanks for reading, and have a great June! FinesseMalkin will be joining you in July! Stay Pearlshippy!