March 2014

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Welcome to March, Pearlshippers! You people know me as FinesseMalkin & I am delivering you this month's newsletter. This issue, however, & the issues afterwards, will be much shorter than the first due to the amount of hints in existence. Think about it. If every month we were to analyse a group of hints equivalent to the Lyra Arc, we would run out so much quicker, & I don't know about you but I want this stuff to last.

The Pearlshipping Vault

The Pearlshipping Vault was a brilliant idea of IceArceus's! The Vault is a forum linked with DataCore which you can (& should) sign up to use & have longer conversations. We wouldn't even mind if a few sailors from other ships came along to debate, just note that WE WilL THRASH YOU & it is a Pearshipping site so you will get plummeted if you like that.

Very few people have signed up for this site & it is brand new so it is almost completely empty- but don't be shy, we need your input! There are a few things we do need to tweak but it will be big. Probably. Someone needs to kick-start it off so why not you, anonymous reader?! LET THERE BE PEARLSHIPPERS!!

So, what's happening now? Here's our monthly report on the Pearlshipping situation in various public arenas. Same as always. IceArceus is writing fanfiction all over the place. Be sure to check her work out if you haven't already. Just casually advertising here... I'm not paid :( This ship is alive! Where it was once inactive, the Pearlshipping thread is healthily gushing out the opinions & reasoning of the boat, as normal. But there is more! Amourshippers, our mortal enemies, have been getting all excited over a magazine picture which shows Ash & Serena in a St. Valentine's day theme. But never fear! The image was made so that XY would gain popularity, which they surely need. There is a paragraph or two on the homepage by IceArceus on this matter.

DeviantART: Not much on our part, but endless-summer181, the renowned fan-artist, has given us permission to use her work in our galleries! Thank you, it's much appreciated. Unfortunately for the rest of DeviantART, we still don't really know how to use it. Where should we start? Please help us! I myself do not make fanart (yet!) & IceArceus's art is on a completely different site so we still do not really have a use for it.

Hint of the month with FinesseMalkin

I have been scanning O'er The Rampardos We Watched (DP018) for this month's Pearlshipping hints. There's not an overload of hints in here as you'd expect; it was only one episode after all.

The plot is a gym battle. There isn't a whole lot to say other than this.  Ash challenges Roark & wins, earning a Sinnoh Gym Badge. If you want to hear the details of the battle check out Bulbapedia. The rest of the story is the Team Rocket trio sneaking in & trying to steal stuff but were frightened by Croagunk. LOL the little noobs.

A hint was displayed by Dawn close to the beginning- she dressed up in a cheerleader outfit which I would never wear & cheered Ash on, who exclaimed "Gee, thanks Dawn!" This must've filled him with confidence as Ash has never lost a battle when Dawn had cheered him on in the entire series. This confidence must've come from somewhere. If Dawn believed he could do it, I suspect his train of thought was that he could do it too. And he never once failed in the grand total of three times when Dawn dresses up all pretty with pom-poms, which by the way, no other female companion have tried. The way that Dawn would go to such lengths shows that she is not only a confident young character, but a confident character for Ash.


En plus, in Kanto, Gary Oak had a group of cheerleading admirers who all crushed on Ash & went round with him. The fact that Dawn also dons the cheerleading fashion may mean that she too has a crush, just likethe 'official' cheerleaders!

Subtle little hints like these can mean the beginning of something, be it them being BFFs or BF+GF! I think that both are possible at this moment in time judging by these, but being a Pearlshipper, obviously i want the latter to happen. I think they will.

Fanfiction Of The Month

Forgotten by C. Jayne Reed

"Althought not a fic written by a seasoned fanfiction writer, this piece of writing is written in beautiful style & uses descriptive & emotive language in a way that puts it way above the bar of a typical "shipping" fanfiction. It depicts Pearlshipping in a way that is believable & captures the very essence of Ash & Dawn's closeness beautifully. A first class fanfiction." - IceArceus

"Hi! I'm Jayne, She who Ships Ten Thousand (Underrated) Things. I began writing fanfiction in December of 2013, & 'Forgotten', my first fic, came into existence because I was:

_1._ Irritated about Ash's utter lack of acknowledgement for his past traveling companions (Misty & Brock, but Dawn especially)

_2._Irritated about Amourshipping/the handling of Serena's unfortunately non-existent character (she had so much POTENTIAL sobs), &

_3._Just in love with Pearlshipping as I happened to be three years ago.

Feel free to drop me a PM any time - you can find me at under the pen name C. Jayne Reed, I'm quite willing to accept constructive criticism (remember, newbie fanfiction writer here) & gush over the general awesomeness of various characters (Athena Cykes, anybody?), but I'm NOT interested in shipping wars or arguing over who belongs with who. It's quite frankly a waste of my already-abused time. (Also, High Touch ROCKS. But that's nothing new - most of the Japanese openings do.)" -C. Jayne Reed


As is customary, here is a list of things to do, being Pearlshippers (presumably):

·         Watch DP018: O'er The Rampardos We Watched. It's on YouTube.

·         Read Forgotten by C. Jayne Reed



Signing out,


Stay Pearlshippy!

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