March 2016

02/03/2016 19:32

March Newsletter

Hello and welcome to the March newsletter (or late Feb newsletter whatever you want to call it) So, without further ado…

The Shipping Situation Update:

Fanfiction: Updates themselves are actually pretty frequent. The first page alone of the Ash and Dawn tag is filled with fics updated in the last couple of days. However, I will say that quite a high proportion of them are either not actually Pearlshipping, or “harem fics”. There are a couple of pure Pearlshipping ones though, and we will have a featured fanfiction this month. Yay!

Deviantart: Nothing terribly new.

Instagram: Quite active. There are loads of edits being made all the time and the community itself is active.

Serebii: I wouldn’t say the thread was OVERLY active. But it’s not dead, since there are updates like, every other day? Oh yeah, Serebii had their shipping Oscars as well (voting is now closed) and the competition was DOMINATED by Amourshipping. The nominations, that is- for most multiship categories, the majority of fics were Amourshipping. I think there was a Pearlshipping drabbles category but that was literally the only category where any Pearlshipping fic appeared at all (unless I missed one or two). So yeah, goes to show the popularity of Amourshipping.

Vault: Was active last week. But this week has been a drag.

Fanfiction of the Month:  Together by Beautiful Sensations

KnightofBalance’s (fanfiction correspondent) verdict:

It's only around 2100 words long but this symbolizes not just how much Ash and Dawn do well together but how badly they do without one another. It shows us how much they need one another and how far they can build each other up., which is a reason why I choose Pearlshipping.

And from the author:

"So basically I'm a typical teenager with an atypical love for writing, Pearlshipping and fan fiction. I really love Pearlshipping because Dawn and Ash get along so well together, and they're always inspiring and encouraging each other. This particular story was written for Empress Empoleon's Pokewrite Writing Competition. The prompt was to incorporate Pokémon legends into the story."

Featured AMV:

So in the comments section, a featured AMV section was suggested, so here’s this month’s recommended music video.

It’s set to Story of My Life (yeah yeah it’s One Direction. I am by no means a Directioner but sometimes I just get an urge to binge listen to their songs) and it’s also by Mayruka681993, one of my favourite AMV makers. She makes Contest, Amour and Advance AMVS as well. (She mostly makes Amour now tho)

This isn’t quite related but her latest video description mentions she’s had enough of shippers starting fights in the video comments. And I’ve skimmed through a few of her video comments and yeah, there are certain Pearlshippers who start fights. And I’d just like to say that the Project in no way endorses this- I mean, who picks fights on music videos?! If it were a debate video that INVITED discussion (like some of the ones on our channel) then a bit of animosity is to be expected, but still… Anyway, I just felt compelled to say that because she’s too nice a person.

Featured Fanart:

Bit of self-advertising here (yeah, I drew it today on my phone) , but also a healthy reminder of Ice Cream Syndrome- just one of the numerous songs that can be affiliated to Pearlshipping!

Photo from reshizekrom


Pearlshippy things to do:

-Listen to High Touch! (obvs)

- And Ice Cream Syndrome – try singing it in Japanese as well by finding the romanji for it- I remember it took me a while to master!

-Read “Together”

-Why not watch a few DP episodes?



Stay Pearlshippy!