May 2014

01/05/2014 15:05
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And Maymonth. But that's not a word yet. There's no better time to talk about the wonderful kid who's own name is May. Not as amazing as Dawn of course but I will always love that girl. I will be analysing May's cameo later on but:

So, what’s happening now? Here’s our monthly report on the Pearlshipping situation in various public arenas. Regular Pearl updates, author shadowkitty is unwell and can't write and we wish her well. Angelcutepie: traitor. More posts but still slow.

Vault: We are getting better and better! There has been at least 1 Amourshipper in our midst (known as "Taffy Tazz", who duelled with IceArceus. We are awaiting a reply) & I'm pleased that we are getting noticed so much quicker than I had anticipated. If you're not on there already, join us! There's always room for more in the Pearlshipping Vault. It doesn't even matter if you're a Pearlshipper- it is thrilling to defeat you if you're not.
Hint of the Month with FinesseMalkin

As I said, this month it's all about May.

May is a Pokemon co-ordinator from the Johto region & became Ash Ketchum's companion in the Advance Generation series of the anime, hence the name given to "Advanceshipping", the ship involving May & Ash. The analysis below will have hints for Pearlshipping obviously but it will simultaneously have points [i]against[/i] Advanceshipping.
A Full Course Tag Battle!
There are no true Pearlshipping hints in this episode, however, it must be honourably stated that a hint which can be perceived as an Advanceshipping hint was shown at the end of the episode. May told Dawn that her half-ribbon reminded her of her time with Ash- & consequently kept it as a good luck charm. I shall not go into this. -_- However, High Fives, the symbol of Ash and Dawn, are far more shippy, because they're not material.
Staging A Heroes' Welcome!
During the Wallace Cup, Dawn felt extremely nervous, at one point she almost crushed Piplup! But it has to be mentioned that Ash has been especially supportive to Dawn, significantly more so than May. As it became her go, Piplup splashes her face to wake her up, in a sense. It is then that Dawn met with Ash as he finished & congratulated him, stating that he was "amazing". They then exchanged a high 5. A Pearlshipping classic to see a close up too! The high 5 within May's cameo was a victory in itself over Advanceshipping. I'm pleased the writers put that in.
Pruning a Passel of Pals!!
Although Ash lost, Dawn stated that the Ice Aqua Jet Ash used was her idea! She was very proud that he had managed to pull it off. Ice Aqua Jet is Ash and Dawn's collaboration. Dawn says "it took Ash's touch to get it to work", but it was still Dawn's idea. It shows they are two halves of a unity. May also mentions that Ash and Dawn are awesome, showing she sees the two of them as equal! 
Strategy With a Smile!
Friggin amazing episode. #justsaying
The significant thing was, Ash and Dawn were very much the focal point of MAY'S cameo, considering Ice Aqua Jet & the fancy high five.
Pearlshipping TV
We have new analysis videos on our YouTube channel, made by none other than Pearlshipper NovaStorm! NovaStorm's testimony is also on our website & he is on Pearlshipping Vault. Thank you, Nova, for your continued contribution & support!
Fanfiction of the month: The Journey
The Journey by CherryCheer
"A well written first fic for sure, with good use of descriptive language and an excellent and original plot which improves significantly as the story continues. And excellent read which also has the bonus of being regularly updated." -IceArceus


"Hello to all the Pearlshippers out there! CherryCheer here, who just so happens to be a big Pearlshipper herself. First, I want to send my congratulations to all of you for not approving of Amourshipping (if you do). XY is still fairly 'new' so I don't understand what the fuss is about?! I friend of mine, is a X&Y fan, but I managed to easily convince her not to go along with the whole Ash and Serena flap. I am irritated by it to say the least, but my love for Pearlshipping may never come to an end! Three long years I've been supporting it and I'm still going strong! On another note, I started writing fanfiction around...December last year. The Journey is my first fic I ever wrote and I have managed to write more chapters surprisingly successfully. Any questions, I'm on with my account name being CherryCheer. So, don't hesitate to send a quick PM to me. Shipping wars and arguments are not my thing, I have already had bad experiences with those. However, it's Pearlshipping for the win! 

Thank you everyone!"

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I hope you have a lovely May. Cheerio!