My Testimony: dechirures

25/07/2015 15:29

I've been a Pearlshipper since the Movie Pokémon The Rise of Darkrai got release in the US.

And yes, I have been always a Pearlshipper, It was actually my first ever shipping. It's funny actually I never really know what "Pearlshipping" meant before even though I see it because I never actually followed the series besides the one being shown in the TV, what actually introduce me is the Movies which I constantly follow. Not knowing anything about this 'blue-haired girl', (the only travelling companion I know are Misty and May) Throughout the movie their actions actual made me smile and a bit giddy/giggle or however you describe that sensation. I was instantly hooked after seeing the holding hand scene I'm not really sure why, but it just made me interested and made me search for stuff and made me curious on what happen to both of them thus Introducing me to Pearlshipping.

-What were your first impressions of Pearshipping?

It's so cute, the way they act each other and since the Movie Darkrai is what I first saw, I just felt they are good for each other I never even consider as a couple I just thought they would be fine as long as they are together, but slowly I just started to want them to become a Couple.

-Why are you a Pearlshipper?

It's actually what made me interested in shipping. They are just so cute and I just like how they Interact with each other throughout the Series until to the point it became an Obsession and made me Search Videos, Read Fanfics, and Follow the Whole Pokémon Series again.

-What would you advise potential Pearlshippers?

Just because she isn't in the Series right now doesn't mean she already lose, The ship is still sailing and just right now it became submarine (lol) and just never give up just support it if you like it, nothings wrong with that.