My Testimony; FinesseMalkin

25/01/2014 19:50

Hi, I am FinesseMalkin. You can find out more about me on Our Team, since I am one of the admins of this site.


My story of Pearlshipping, huh? I can't imagine why you should be interested. But allons-y!

I used to think Pokemon was just plastic spheres & plush toys, stereotypically a fandom of little asian boys. Which still is mostly true!

My best friend is IceArceus, & has been my best friend for a while. However, after all that time, it was only about a year ago that she told me that she was obsessed with Pokemon, & only about a month before now did she try to add me to the fandom. I was already (in order of dedication) a Whovian (Doctor Who), a Potterhead (Harry Potter), a Stirlingite (Lindsey Stirling), a Tribute (The Hunger Games) & Avian British (Maximum Ride), so as you can tell, I wasn't too graced to accept another title which was of course a Pokemon Master/Pokemaniac. But I played along. Please note that, at this point, I had no idea that my bezzie was an internet-famed-idolised-amazing-followed-fanfiction-author. Then she told me. Hurrah. Because this is when it starts.

She began converting me by explaining about Pearlshipping (naturally). Boy meets girl, Ash meets Dawn. Then she told me about other characters & Pokemon & Bulbapedia & Serebii Forums & my head explodes from anime imformation overload!! There isn't much to talk about here. I ask, she answers, a few references to Doctor Who dotted around time & space where our conversations happen to be located (which literally could be anywhere- in a shower, on the toilet seat, under the duvet, during homework, morning, afternoon, evening, an hour after midnight... none of this makes sense does it ;) ? ) I must mention too at this point that I was so excited about Looker. Moving on...

IceArceus, being IceArceus, was then ranting on about Amourshipping which, if you haven't read her fanfiction, she utterly detests. I asked about other Ash ships & this is when she types up her little descripion of the ships, which she may upload some time, onto the DataCore. I kept her up, asking about the individual ships, until I got bored... It's easy to get bored of potential romance when Amy & Rory, & Ron & Hermione are the perfect couples & already totally in love... Moving on yet again...

Pearlshipping isn't potential. They are already a thing, it's just not official. Yet. Does it matter? Ash & Dawn are both way too young for a proper relationship. You can argue, IceArceus, but they are anime, they will never grow up. THAT'S IT! THAT'S WHY YOU WRITE FANFICTION! SO THEY CAN GROW UP, IF YOU WANTED THEM TO, & MAKE THEM DO WHAT YOU WANT THEM TO DO! BOOM! GERONIMO!

Sorry. I had that brainwave literally as I was typing. I now understand my friend just a little bit more now. It was easy to work out but I always wondered why she wrote them. Now I feel so stupid, I could have worked it out as a 3 year old. MOVING ON...


I think I'm done. There's not much more to talk about. She educated me, added a new fandom to my brain &, well, I can't credit her for everythin, so... I credit myself for the brain capacity to carry another fandom around! Weheyy!!

My fandom titles stand as (in order of dedication): Whovian, Potterhead, Stirlingite, Pokemaniac, Tribute, Avian British.





Topic: My Testimony; FinesseMalkin

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FinesseMalkin | 01/03/2014

Hi whoever bothered to read this! If you want to ask me anything, this is the place to ask it. I won't answer anything too personal, & I won't say my real name, but other than that, say away!

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