My Testimony: Kirby

22/11/2015 21:15

Q: We're you always a PearlShipper?

Not really. Although Pearl was my first, I temporarily went to amour. It was thanks to you guys that I switched back, and have been a PearlShipper ever since.

Q: What were your first impressions of PearlShipping?

I was like, "aww," and I guess it branched off from there.

Q: Why are you a PearlShipper?

For two reasons. One is because of their similarities and interactions. Second is the hints. There was a screenshot of Dawn with her hand on Ash's shoulder. And another with them holding hands (not from movie 10). 

Q: How long have you been a PearlShipper?

It's been a while. Probably since 2011.

Q: What you advise potential Pearlshippers?

Even though Amourshipping is sailing the seven seas, who cares? Shippings will probably never become canon with the main character. Besides, High Touch has all you need along with the line "I love you" (some say I like you better) from another song. Plus, who can forget Dawn's actually quite, "Ash is incredible". Bam. Never give up on Pearl, because each time a hint damages the ship, crew always repair the damage and PearlShipping always sail on. Ash and Dawn forever!

P.S. I will be making a Christmas photo for Instagram soon, and be sure to spot a PearlShipping thing on it. Ash and Dawn 5 ever!