My Testimony: knightofbalance

02/02/2015 20:52

Were you always a Pearlshipper?
Huh. Guess it depends on what you mean by 'always'. When I first discovered Ashshipping, I began searching for one that would really connect to me, the one that would I'd gladly support and protect. So, I looked throughout the internet to find that special one. Alas, the answer eluded me. I tried Pokeshipping, but I kept remembering how much these two fought and how disasterous they would be as a couple. And so, I tried Advanceshipping. I enjoyed it at first, and they seemed like they would make a great ship with the simularities. Then it occured to me that while simularities are good in a realtionship, if that's all they have then it'll fail in the end. With that, I washed my hands of Advance. Then came Pearl, the most recent shipping. At a moment's glance, it seemed like every other shipping. But, one day, I came across a fanfic caslled Kectum Boys written by one angelcutepie. Upon reading the development of Ash and Dawn's relationship, a certain spark went off in my heart. When it happened, I wondered: Was it the story or the characters? And so, I read more Pearlshipping fanfics and looking at Pearl fanart. Each time I did so, I kept feeling the spark over and over again. Now, it has burst into a white-hot love for AshxDawn.

What were your first impressions of Pearlshipping?
I'll give you a three-fold answer: shipping in general, Ash and Dawn's relationship and the Pearlshippers themselves.

Shipping in general: At first, the concept of shipping weirded me out. I've watched and played Pokémon since I was six years old, having accidently taken a Pokémon Red game from my friend's house. It felt odd pairing up these oh-so-familar charcaters, esepecially Ash since he's so dense. But, time passed and now I can't stop having ideas about them :)!

AshxDawn: Really, when I looked at their bond very closely, I can see that they were practically made for one another. They have so many simularities that make them compatible, and yet, they had their differences that would give each a new perspective on things. They supported through some of the most dangerous of spots and emerged closer than ever before. When one was down, the other would do eberything in their power to bring back the cheer into their life. And if the other was happy, it brought them to a point of utter happiness I've never seen.

Pearlshippers: Even before Vault, I knew Pearlshippers were a group of intelligent, talented, loyal people; seeing the stories they wrote and the art they drew. They radiated the love they had for this pairing. Why else would they build this site? I'm proud to say, truthfully. I. Am. A. Pearlshipper!

Why are you a Pearlshipper?
Why? I'll tell you why. I've felt a deep connection between these two the day I read that fanfic that sparked my heart. A deep seated care for one another that could very well evole into an undying love. They inspire each other to grander heights, to become better for the sake of the other. To me, that is the purest love one can find!

How long have you been a Pearlshipper?

Let's see, I started shipping it around Sinnoh league victores, so four years? Dang, Time flies! Literallly, Dialga Flies despite not bein a flyng time. How does it get it's big butt off the ground?
(Now an old man) Eh, What happened? (Begins waving one of swords around like a cane.)

What would you advise potential Pearlshippers?
(After getting better.) To Fanfic writers: Find a beta reader. They will greatly improve your writing with the advice they give you. Also, don't let the trolls get you down. But remember, take real critism to heart. Those people just want to help.

To all Pearlshippers: Take pride in your community. These people are some of the most talented and kind-hearted people I know, as well as the most dedicated. They'll also help you out with whatever you need!
With that, I bid you: Adiou.