My Testimony; NovaStorm

28/03/2014 22:43

I was not always a Pearlshipper, I started off as a Pokeshipper. Everyone liked the original series anway and the Pokeshipping hints were very easy to grasp because they were very straightforward and obvious (thanks to the dub). DP was the new series when I started watching, but I really liked OS and AG since they were completed. I didn't really care after Season 10 until Pearlshipping's famed season, Season 12, came out. Of course, I was still a kid into Pokeshipping but I nevertheless enjoyed the current seasons good moments. Back then, I knew Ash, Dawn, and Brock were friends, but it was more on a general side and I did not know Ash and Dawn were so close (also thanks to the dub). I stopped watching for good after the Black and White series started; it really did get quite boring. However, I still checked Serebii because I was still a Pokémon fan so I still heard about the general Pokenews even if I didn't care about the anime side.


 The reason I changed my mind was after hearing about Dawn's cameo to the series, which was long after I stopped watching. I thought to myself, "There's no way those two could be acting like that around each other if there wasn't something between them". So I looked back at the DP episodes that I enjoyed at a child's age when they were new, and sure enough, there was more than just friendship to their high fives. And I didn't just look back at main episodes; I went back to watch the entire saga and movies! As soon as I saw Ash and Dawn playing with each other in BW, I was hooked. That first impression of Ash and Dawn was just too strong and I had to go back to see how it all started! Looking back to when I first watched DP, I can see why I didn't see Pearlshipping at first. However, many of the Pearlshipping hints are implicit and it takes a deeper understanding than just noticing blushing to understand it. I believe this is why Pearlshippers have a higher level of understanding .


I am a Pearlshipper because I noticed the closeness of Ash and Dawn during the BW series. I have been a Pearlshipper since then so that would be almost two years. I would advise potential Pearlshippers to look more into Ash and Dawn's relationship deeper than they already have to find the true meaning that lies underneath their bond. I would also tell them to consider the Japanese version first and foremost because the English dub really does twist a lot of the original. All of hints found from the English versions are not enough to cover for the ship; there is an entire theme song just for the two of them; and I would have never known. Needless to say, I am still an avid fan of Pearlshipping despite Amourshipping's appearance and it was this ship that made me not only watch DP again, but also the ship that brought me back to watching the series as a whole again.



Topic: My Testimony; NovaStorm

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