My Testimony: rubyfire

02/02/2015 20:51

Were you always a Pearlshipper?

No, I never cared about Pokémon Shippings. I didn't really look at it much and only focused on the show. 

Pokémon shippings weren't something I would never cared about.

I did consider supporting Advanceshipping once, but it didn't really click to me.

Ash and May only seemed to have a Brother and Sister Relationship.

And I felt like Drew was a better choice for her.

So I decided to support Contestshipping instead.

I just kept on watching the Pokémon anime, didn't really care about shippings.

If not what changed your mind?

When Dawn Came Along, I took a interest in her. I loved how she worked really hard and try her best to achieve her goals. She was my favourite character and I thought she was unique.

After some time, I decided to search her and Satoshi up. I watched AMVS (I hard remember them) And I really took a interest in those two and decided to search them even more. It was the first time I'd ever take such a interest in a Pokémon Shipping.

I started watching the Diamond and Pearl Series. It was probably the best Pokémon anime season for me.

I heard about High Touch and it interested me more. I was falling in love with this shipping.

It was really surprising for me, I never wanted to be part of Pokémon Shippings.

I kept watching Diamond and Pearl episodes over and over.

I started listening to High Touch, a lot.

When The Rise of Darkrai came out, I fell in love with Pearlshipping.

I was fangirling like a cray person :3

What was your first impressions on Ash and Dawn?

It was to me.

I decided to search them up.

I never saw them that way, nor was expecting to.

When I saw them High-fiving, my heart was racing.

And then I saw them as a perfect couple :3

Which they areeee<3

Why are you a Pearlshipper?

I think mainly of their relationship.

They have this relationship, where it isn't uncomfortable.

Even Ash remember Dawn's Piplup in Pokémon XY the Series: Episode 22.

He didn't even remember Jirachi, that proves how special and close their relationship is.

I also am a Pearlshipper due to The Rise of Darkrai.

That movie just pulled me over :3

How long have you been a Pearlshipper?

From 2008 till now.

I'm proud to be one for that long<3

What would you advise potential Pearlshippers?

Never Ever Give On Pearlshipping.

No matter what, never give up.

Time's can get rough and upsetting for us Pearlies, But we should keep our heads up.

Lets keep moving together.

Btw, do not forget to watch The Rise Of Darkrai Like a billions times and fangirl like cray-cray!

Aaaand, remember, theres a lovable squishable cray pearl family

Right here. Were all happy together.

So, if ya haven't joined, I suggest you do.