My Testimony: sampearlzz

10/09/2015 12:34

Ok what went on with me? Hmmm...ok I got this.
Ok here's how it all went down. Yes I was a pearlshipper when the DP show was airing, actually it was my very first ship ever! :3 And plus I like Dawn much more than the rest of the girls and how she had a friendly relationship with Ash.
I was only 8 or 9 years old and I still understood that Ash and Dawn were meant to be <3 I mean, the high fives, the support, HIGH TOUCH (which is the biggest hint of them all)and there were a lot of cute hints.
Here's where comes the twisting point: After the horrible season of BW (apart from Dawn's cameo), XY aired and I heard that a new girl, Serena had a canon crush on Dawn and I instantly became hooked. (Don't kill me please, I'm just stating my opinion XD)Serena also reminded me a lot about Dawn in most ways. I thought the series couldn't end without some fort of movement from Serena's side. And maybe...just maybe...Ash would realize he had feelings for her too. I mean, yeah I realized I left Pearlshipping in one second for Amourshipping but I was still a bit young to really understand what a relationship truly means.
Anyways after a while I joined fanfiction in early 2015 and started to read a lot of Amourshipping and Pearlshipping stories. I re-watched the DP season and fell in love with Ash and Dawn again! I was at crossroads. Who to support? Ash and Dawn? Ash and Serena? Serena and Ash? Dawn and Ash? I couldn't decide. I shipped both of these two together.
It wasn't until that I joined this site that I realized the error of my ways. I realized that amourshipping was really one-sided and the writers are just doing this AshxSerena thing for fan service. It was when I read a post here (I think it was from Satohika5) that I truly understood that the real pairing was Ash and Dawn.
Though...I haven't left amourshipping. (Pls don't kill me lol xD) Pearlshipping is much more stronger though anf that's what matters!
Don't commit the same mistake I did! Look deep down in Pearlshipping and you'll realize the unbreakable bond these two have!