My Testimony: W.R. Winters

17/04/2015 18:12

-Were you always a Pearlshipper? If not, what made you change your mind?

Kind of a hard question to answer actually, because to be perfectly honest. I have never really watched the anime. I know it seems Farfetch'd, but perhaps you should hear as to how i was introduced to pearlshipping. I was a pokemon fan through it's video games, i had my own pokemon card collection, i wanted the next pokemon game the second i heard about it. I had this book, a guide to all pokemon all the way until the 4th gen(with the exception of Arceus and Shaymin). At the end of the book there was a slight description of Ash, Brock and a character i had never heard of before Dawn. Curious i looked up "Pokemon Ash and Dawn" i found out a little more about her and found some Fanfictions about them, i got interested and looked at a few more. When it caught my attention i decided to look more into this 'pearlshipping'.

-What were your first impressions of Pearlshipping?

I found it intriguing at first, because even though i never really watched the anime, i did read some books about Ash's travels with Brock and Misty. I never really knew anything about Dawn. So i looked more into this Ash and Dawn pairing and the more i looked the more reasons i found for liking and/or supporting it. I saw that they share a close bond and never failed to support one another. Whether or not they're only friends or possibly something more doesn't really matter. I mean the high fives they share and the fact that they traded with one another was definitely something that caught my attention. They are those really close friends that everyone is just waiting for something more to come out of it.

-Why are you a Pearlshipper?

The main reason is just the bond these two have, it's a bond that is unmatched. All of Ash's traveling companion each share some sort of bond with Ash. Misty has her lure, May has her Terracotta Ribbon half, Iris... well i'm not entirely sure about that one, and Serena has the small blue ribbon that is pretty much the center piece for her new look. Dawn however, her bond doesn't really come from something Ash gave her or something she gave Ash, it's the things that they've done for one another. They're a team, the support one another and were there to help the other up when the other stumbled and fell. Ash never missed a single one of Dawn's contests and Dawn put on a cheerleading outfit out for some of Ash's Gym Battles Then there's the high fives they share, Ash has never had that with any other person he's traveled with, that alone shows that Dawn isn't just someone he traveled with. Then during the Darkari movie Ash saved Dawn's life and Dawn tried to save Ash's, but that only resulted in both of them falling Then there's the fact they have traded pokemon with one another, that is a demonstration of trust especially with Ash's past experience when it comes to trading his pokemon. They are just comfortable with one another, and I think that if Buneary wasn't offered that model deal she would've gone with Ash to Kanto and possibly continued to travel with him. Another proof of how close they are was their reunion in the Best Wishes Series. While most reunions just have a formal greeting and all that, Dawn actually played a prank on Ash, even though he was slightly annoyed at first he completely forgot about the prank when he saw Dawn and they shared a high five. Then there's the song High Touch, i won't explain anything more about it because then i'd have to go on for another paragraph.

-How long have you been a Pearlshipper?

I'm not sure, I was first introduced to it possibly 3 1/2 years ago, but i didn't become fully interested in it until sometime in late 2012 and early 2013. So to give a rounded guess i would say about 2 1/2 and not once during that time have i faltered.

-What would you advise potential Pearlshippers?

I would advise you not to lose hope just because another shipping may start to become more popular. So what another girl may have known him longer, or there are more hints that could be related to romance. No one is going to ruin the kind of bond Ash and Dawn share. They have bonding, they have a relationship. There's more to a romance than a compliment or a gift given. Now I may not have the longest pearlshipping support record or have an extensive knowledge of the anime, in fact people may say my Pearlshipping Testimony is a bunch of crap and i would've had a different opinion if i gave the other shippings a good look at, well i actually did look at others, and none of them held the same spark the way pearlshipping. So here i am a die-hard pearlshipper writing fanfictions about it waiting for the day Pokemon decided to bring Dawn back, just don't give up on them just yet.

Alright there's my testimony