November 2014

09/11/2014 18:11

Hello, welcome to the November Newsletter! This month you will be joining me, SakuraBlossom. 

Monthly Report on Pearlshipping:

Serebii- Activity has been slow, but the thread is still alive and there seems to be new members that have joined.

Deviantart- New art has been posted, but activity seems rather slow. Nowadays Pearlshipping art seems to be posted on other sites such as Pixiv. Some fanfiction authors have updated their fics. Don’t forget to check out Ice’s new banterous fics. 

Pearlshipping Vault- New members such as IvanAipom93, the owner of the SatoHika facebook page, have joined. Many new features such as Vault Central along with a winter theme to get into the holiday spirit!

Hint of the month with SakuraBlossom:

I have recently re-watched episode 11 “Mounting a Coordinator Assault”, and I decided to analyze this episode as it was an important episode for the development of Pearlshipping.

This episode contains the first contest Dawn participates in. However, it turns out that she is not the only one competing! While training for the contest, the gang discovers that Aipom has wanted to participate in the contest.


Dawn immediately suggests for Ash to participate in the contest along with Aipom. Notice the level of excitement in the tone of her voice as she talks about how it would be fun to face off against him in the contest. Dawn already respects Ash greatly and sees him as a strong trainer. She would not let an opportunity like this slip. Ash agrees after some encouragement from Dawn, Brock, and his pokemon.


Now, the most important scene of this episode was right before Dawn went on stage for the Appeal Round. On her way to the main stage, Dawn encounters Ash who has just finished his appeal with Aipom. Ash wishes her good luck as she compliments him on his appeal. Ash raises his hand in the air for a high five, and Dawn catches on and reciprocates his action marking this as their first high five with many to come afterwards. It is important to note that Ash was the one who initiated the high five rather than Dawn. This is an example of the mutual aspect of their relationship compared to Ash’s relationship to the other 4 girls.


A white background, brief slow motion, and the emphasis on the sound of the hands touching signify the importance of this exchange between Ash and Dawn. A lot of non-shippers use the argument that there is nothing romantic about high fives, and that he has shared a high five with Misty before. It’s true that high fives aren’t romantic, but that is not the point. The high five is the symbol of the close bond Ash and Dawn share. The high five shared between Ash and Misty was not given as much importance as Ash and Dawn’s high fives. This was not the first and only time as Ash and Dawn have continued to share these wonderful exchanges throughout the DP saga. 


Fanfiction of the Month: Chain of Events That Lead to Love Happening by KingZodiac

Hello, my name is KingZodiac but you can call me King for short. I found this website over 3 years ago and got me interested in reading Fanfiction. It took me until 2014 to start writing fanfictions for all the different animes I love to watch like Pokémon. What I love about Pokémon is that is has two of my most favourite characters Ash and Dawn and I think they make the perfect couple.


  1. Watch Mounting a Coordinator Assault.
  2. Read Chain of the Events That Lead to Love Happening and the new banterous fics by IceArceus.
  3. Sign up on Pearlshipping Vault if you haven’t done so already!
  4. Check out any new videos on Pearlshipping TV.
  5. Bonus: Get into the holiday spirit!

 Remember to stay Pearlshippy!