October 2014

16/10/2014 18:01

Hello, and welcome to the October newsletter! This month you'll be joining me, CherryCheer. My apologies that this newsletter has been later than usual, but there's still all the information you need on some of the new updates on Pearlshipping!

NOTE: Images are glitching out!

Monthly report on Pearlshipping:


Pearlshipping Vault- More members have joined, so there has been some rather fast activity recently.


Fanfiction.net- Some new Pearlshipping fics have been uploaded recently, so be sure to look out for them.


Serebii- It seems to be moving along surely but surely on the Pearlshipping side of things.


Deviantart- There are still artists on this site doing Pearlshipping fanart, but it is slower than usual.


Hint of the month with CherryCheer:


This month, I will be analyzing the 113th episode in the Diamond and Pearl series; 'Hold the Phione'.

In my opinion, I think there are a lot of Pearlshipping hints in this episode alone so let's overlook a few of them.


Ash, Dawn and Brock are shown arriving in Chocovine Town, where Dawn would compete in her next up-coming contest. They wander by the harbor until Dawn notices a nearby stall selling Phione merchandise. She rushes ahead and hugs a doll of the Pokémon in her arms. The man who is selling the goods talks about how Phione brings good luck to those who catch a glimpse of it. Dawn gets excited when she hears how coordinators who have won the contests have all seen a Phione. It makes her even more determined to see one for herself, as Ash and Brock agree that they would like to go Phione watching as well. When Ash asks Dawn which Pokémon she would be using in the contest, she playfully winks at him and says, “What do you think?” before calling out Buneary and Pachirisu.


After this, later on in the day, the gang make their way over to the submarine where they would be looking out for Phione. The submarine just so happens to be rented by Team Rocket, but they are unaware that it is Jessie, James and Meowth behind the disguises. In the next scene, Ash and Dawn are shown looking out of a window with their Pokémon beside them. Brock is in the window beside, and not by the same one as Ash and Dawn. A school of Luvdisc swims past, and Dawn says how gorgeous they are. According to the PokéDex, if a couple find this Pokémon will be blessed with eternal love.



Soon, three Phione are seen swimming by and everyone is very excited to see them. One of the Phione actually takes a liking to Dawn's Buneary. On the note of Ash and Dawn's Pokémon, Pikachu and Buneary are often associated with Pearlshipping because Professor Oak has stated before in the earlier series that Pokémon tend to express the same feelings as their trainers. This might suggest that Dawn has a crush on Ash, just as her Buneary does for Pikachu.


The next morning, Ash, Dawn and Brock are doing their warm-ups before training. Ash wanted to prepare for his Gym Battle at the Snowpoint Gym, but Dawn requests that they take a shopping trip to buy some seals for her PokéBalls. Ash denies at first, saying how there's training that needs to be done. However, Dawn insists and drags Ash and Brock along with her. She shouts her usual catchphrase, “no need to worry” and Ash responds saying that it's when he worries the most. As Dawn is about to pull both of them away, she grabs Ash's hand. Another hint, wouldn't you say? Holding hands is a sign of Dawn showing some affection.


Fanfiction of the month: Give Your Heart A Break, co-authored by W.R. Winters and DawnForever101

Hey everybody, it's your pearlshipping friend W.R. Winters, but please call me Wolf. I don't know who submitted this fic, but whoever did, thanks. 'Give Your Heart A Break' is a story I'm co-authoring with DawnForever101. It's based off of Demi Lovato's 'Heart A Break', where Ash after going through a break-up with his (now ex) Serena [haha, down with amourshipping!] he promises he will never love again, but when Dawn, the new girl and Serena's cousin (oh yes I did) comes in to town, will Ash have second thoughts about his promise when he starts. It's a fic worth reading I assure you.  Also, I am proud (and sad)  to say that my other pearlshipping story 'Ash's Reason' is drawing near, but don't worry I have a couple of chapters of battle-packed excitement in those chapters, so keep on the lookout for them. This is W.R. Winters (or Wolf) saying Pearlshipping rules and politely asked (more like threatening) Serena to stop tirning our Pearlshipping supporters.


  • Watch Hold The Phione.
  • Read 'Give Your Heart A Break'.
  • Sign up to Pearlshipping Vault forum, in case you haven't already done so.
  • Look out for new videos on Pearlshipping TV.

Well, that's all for this month's newsletter. Stay Pearlshippy!