October 2015

04/10/2015 17:31

Hello, and welcome to the inaugural newsletter for this academic year! From now on there won’t be a set date for newsletters- instead, expect them within the first week of the month. (It will likely be just me-IceArceus- writing them and I will have a lot of work so I can’t promise specific dates) So, let’s take a look at the shipping situation in different arenas.

Fanfiction.net: Pearlshipping fics aren’t updated or written very often. A quick check on Fanfiction today tells me the latest updated fic is Love Comes from the Heart by NightcoreAddictxX, so give that a read and review if you’re a fan of Pearlshipping fanfiction.

DeviantArt: Again, not much is known about the situation in Deviantart but I took a quick look today and it seems to be the usual stuff. However, there is movement on the art scene…

Instagram: We have an instagram account now! Just search for us on Iconosquare if you’re on desktop and on the Instagram app if you’re on a mobile device! Our name is Project Pearlshipping on there (duh) as usual and the account is run by NovaStorm. There is also the artist Reshizekrom who does Pearlshipping sketches and they are all very recent, so our art scene isn’t actually completely dead.

There are also a few Pearlshipping instagram accounts there other than us! If you want to get your fix of Pearlshipping every day, here are some people to follow:




All of these accounts post Dawn or Pearlshipping fanart and some of them are pretty obscure- following them is a sure way to see some fanart you’ve never come across.

Serebii: Discussion does progress, but it is slow. At least the thread still exists, though. Some shipping threads do get shut down for inactivity.

Twitter: We have a twitter account as well! This account can be accessed by both NovaStorm and I although I am supposed to be mainly responsible for it. However I haven’t been on it much due to me being busy. We do have a few followers and we will follow accounts that are to do with Pearlshipping or post a lot of Pearlshipping stuff.

Youtube: Nova is the main person on that- he’s the one who posts stuff and I just look through comments once in a while. We have ingrained ourselves in the shipping community there and there is a healthy network of Pearlshippers.


In September, our activity actually increased quite a bit. For October, you can expect the level of activity to remain the same as last month’s. On Vault, we do try to keep the activity going and we’ve actually had a fair few members join us over the past two weeks. I will also try to write the odd piece of analysis once in a while- I just moved into halls at Uni yesterday and I will be occupied for a lot of the time. But it does mean when I do have time I can do Project stuff uninterrupted by parents.


I bet you’re waiting for this month’s Pearlshippy material. Brocktober was invented in July/August and I have largely kept the details to myself. In fact, I HAVE kept all the details to myself. This month, we will be looking at Brock related Pearlshipping hints- whether they’re important, and we’ll be looking at moments where he’s potentially stopped a hint as well. Instead of writing a chunk here myself, Vault members will be compiling a list here:


As the month goes on, revisit this link to see if any new insights have been added!

Fanfiction of the Month

This was supposed to be featured last December, so much apologies to max acorn! This fic is about Christmas (weird timing I know), so since all the shops are slaves to the corporate beast and are already selling Christmas decorations, we can see this as a metaphor for that.

A Pearlshipping Christmas

This is a Christmas centred oneshot, and here’s the author to tell you a bit about the fic and himself.

Well, the name is max acorn, Aka shintigercurl. I’ve been writing fanfiction off and on for about 15 years. Watching ash and dawn interact with each other was something that seemed to light the fire on my writing juices. The closeness, the dedication, the affection they share for each other is something you rarely seen in anime/manga. I see them less of Boyfriend/girlfriend and more like husband/wife. This xmas fic is just one shot of how this relationship should progress for the holidays. I thank you for the honor and to have one of my fics be recognized.

So, see you around November, and most importantly…

Stay Pearlshippy!