Pearlshipping Vault

01/03/2014 20:12

We have a forum! Come to debate! Bashing is allowed here... & we won't kill you if you accidentally post something twice, because Serebii Forums does & it annoyed us so much... Go visit it! It's there to debate on. Obviously it's a Pearlshipping facility but go ahead & bring along sailors from other ships because that just makes everything a lot funner for both parties.

You do need to make an account, which is so good because then we can identify each other & find the same person & we can block you if we need to. Cheerful thought, but don't worry. The rules a perfectly reasonable & we're a lot more flexible that Serebii Forums (which isn't bad, but the rules are a bit tight, don't you think?) Remember to name yourself by your chosen name, ie your Serebiii Forums one or Fanfiction one, just for internet safety.