References to the Future

01/02/2015 19:11

With that "other ship" becoming more and more imminent, it seems like Pearlshipping is starting slip away at this point. However, there is something that remains strong . Many of the music, some of which even make canonical references, are filled with words about the future. They talk about what could change in the future, what it will be like as adults, and much more. And right now, we are essentially in the future of the Pokémon series past DP. Pearlshippers can only hope that these words will apply.

Let's start with ONE, the Movie 11 ending by Crystal Kay. It is basically confirmed that this song was created either for or about SatoHika. Why? Because of this line

Thousands of flower petals come pouring down
On us

Flower petals of all things. There is an exact scene where this happens; it shows only Ash and Dawn together. No one can tell me that this is a mere general song unrelated to Movie 11. Now here are the future references:

The future within mirage
I can’t see it yet
As we will become adults,
Where will we end up?

Why is Dawn worried about the future? It's obviously because of her relationship with Ash; it may or may not last. Beyond all uncertainty, Dawn says this in response to her future doubt:

You are the one

There you have it. While it is speculatory in the series, this shows that Dawn has genuine feelings for Ash. While it may not be a crush, "You are the one" is even more heartfelt. It's like saying "I choose you" instead of "I have a crush on you". Remember, this is about the future. Saying "You are the one" sets her heart in stone to be with and choose Ash. This goes beyond the surface level of attraction, romance, and feelings. "You are the one" goes deep into the heart. 

Now if only the series would remember or consider what they "promised". If Dawn's not going to be with Ash, then Dawn is going to be with no one. If Ash gets together with someone else, Dawn will be heartbroken because she has chosen him.

The fact that SatoHika considers the future gives SatoHika a depth like no other.

Even more referencing of the future is High Touch. This song is explicitly is and is about Ash and Dawn. No questions asked. The song is literally about Ash and Dawn.

What makes High Touch so powerful is that it transcends the competition of the past, present, AND the future. But let's look at the future. It leaves Ash and Dawn mutually exclusive, and that is even shown in the animation.

Here's what Dawn says about the future:

Through today, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow
This journey goes forever on, but
Your smile is with me!

First of all, Dawn broke the fourth wall. What I mean is that she is completely aware that their journey will end and the cycle of companions/regions/badges will continue. It takes deep characters to realize the series's cycle as a whole. DP knew what would be ahead and knew that the 'magical' journey would end.

It's true. The journey is still going forever on. We are in the future, after all. Today was DP, tomorrow was BW, and the day after tomorrow is XY. Regardless of anything that happens in the future, Dawn makes one thing clear and set in stone. "Always...Your smile is with me!" Dawn is the only one to explicitly say such a thing. 

It's easy for others to say holding someone's smile close to your heart is not romantic. No, it is romantic. Yes it is. Especially if that smile is exclusive to ONE person. And in High Touch, it is! But it's so much more. It goes much deeper than the romance/attraction/feeling/blushing level that others only care about. This love has rooted in very deep; it's from the bottom of the heart. 

When she says "Always...", she means "no matter when" and "no matter how much time passes by". Dawn means no one else's smile but Ash's, and as Dawn says herself, this can apply to the future and beyond.

Now here's how Ash references SatoHika in the future:

To the north, to the south, east and west
The scenery goes on changing, but
No matter where I go...
Your smile is always there!

Here's something mind-blowing; Dawn just finished talking about time right? The line "Through today, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow" is all about time. Now look at Ash's words; he's talking about space! "To the north, to the south, east and west" is a location thing and "the scenery" is referring to the space on the earth. Time and space are a major theme of the Diamond and Pearl saga. Dawn talked about time and Ash talked about space.

Space is definitely something for Ash to talk about in regard to the future. He goes from region to region with new friends each time, but who will have a solid place in his heart? Dawn.

"No matter where I go...". Replace 'where I go' with Unova. What does Ash say about it? No matter. Replace 'where I go' with Kalos. What does Ash say about it? No matter. Location and his friends can be interchangeable because he made it that way with the first verse. So Ash means no matter who he meets too, and that means all of his Unova and Kalos companions. 

He's saying no location will get in the way or change his heart, but what is he setting in stone here? Ash is saying Dawn's smile alone will be with him no matter where he goes, even Kalos. No matter who he travels with, who he meets, or even who he dates, Dawn's smile will always be in Ash's heart and vice versa. And that is what Pearlshipping is all about.

So, those words by Ash and Dawn were about the future. They knew that they would separate eventually, so the songs talk about how they feel about it.

But guess what? The future is now thanks to science. The future is now. Pearlshippers need these lyrics to apply now more than ever if they want to have a chance. With Ash's serenery (scenery) affecting him more than ever, let's hope both Ash and the writers remember the words spoken to this time period supporting SatoHika: "Your smile is always there, no matter where I go".

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