Shipping Situation Update

24/02/2016 12:59
Some of you might have seen this image trucking about the place?

This recently leaked from TV Tokyo and ShoPro internal promotional slides for XYZ. The translation might be a little rough but it appears that in December 2015 1 or 2 episodes involving Serena confessing to Ash how she feels and might feel mutual. It questions where Pikachu, Clemont, and Bonnie are at during their ‘date’. Don’t get too hyped yet since we’ve been trolled by the writers before. Nevertheless I’m sure it’ll be a cute episode or two.
UPDATE: Ash appears to hold her hand in one screencap… remember in 59 she attempted to hold his hand??

I have to reblog these fakes every time they come up because others deserve to laugh as much as I do.
Don't worry, it's a fake. Even the Amourshippers themselves have acknowledged this so don't panic. The text roughly mentions a confession from Serena and possibly mutual feelings from Satoshi and another date etc etc. Either way it doesn't matter and if you still don't believe me, here's how you can tell it was photoshopped.
  1. In some screenshots their fingers look like they've been cut off at the tips.
  2. The interactions are awkward. Who holds someone's hand like in the picture?!
  3. Some outlines are missing
  4. The obvious one- people recognise the images from previous episodes where Satoshi and Serena have simply been cut out and pasted
  5. The layout is atrocious. You would expect better framed screenshots from a magazine.
Now, CANON wise...

You know the Pikachu x Eevee rumours that were started by CoroCoro releasing those screenshots and hearts etc? Well, Serena's Eevee has been getting pretty friendly. But with Clemont's Bunnelby instead. Here are some screencaps from recent XY episodes and a fanart for all you Geekchicshippers.