Shipping Situation Update 2/5: Date Episode

08/02/2015 20:20

The Shipping Situation Update:

You must have heard of or witnessed the hype surrounding the episode "Ash and Serena's First Date?! :The vow tree and the presents"

Honestly, Dawn's catchphrase really comes into play here. The actual content of the episode was nowhere near as shippy as the title suggested.

The vow tree was actually about a promise between people and Pokemon in general, and NOT a promise between Ash and Serena to remain "together forever" like people thought.

And as for the actual date? Ash and Serena board a train (which is what those sunset screenshots are of -NOT a ferris wheel) and they become separated whilst shopping due to Ash wandering off. During this time, Ash wins a gift.

At the end, Ash gives Serena a gift, no not because she's been his "best friend ever" but more out of obligation as she helped him get gifts for his Pokemon.

Worried? Don't think so.