The Shipping Situation Update 7/3

03/07/2015 15:54

The Shipping Situation Update:

Let's face it, it's not Serena's hints that we need to pay attention to. Like Angie, Misty, and Anabel before her, Serena's crush on Ash is confirmed. It's Ash hints in the end that will make or break "that ship".

In movie news, Hoopa Clash of Ages will be coming out in Japan soon so keep an eye out for any hints from there. Also, the movie's song sounds very similar to Movie 11's ONE song, so there is a possibility that the lyrics could heavily reference Serena's feelings for Ash.

And in XY79, an episode featuring Serena winning a showcase, Amourshipping things on Ash's side are starting to escalate. First of all, Bonnie is now completely aware of Amourshipping's existence. Bonnie could potentially speed up Amour's development and she could even become the second person to tease Serena about her crush. For Ash's third Kalos gym battle, there were flashbacks of Serena helping Ash dance, right? Well in the recent showcase episode, Ash and Serena are all alone inside the baking kitchen and Ash is holding a bunch of Serena's Pokepuffs while enjoying them. Then Ash tells Serena "You're the best!" And let's not forget Miette. She directly teased Serena about her and Ash and pointed SatoSere out even further.

An episode scan from the upcoming "Mamoswine and Abomasnow" episode even shows Ash behind Serena with both of his hands on her shoulders to comfort her or something. All I have to say is to keep an eye out for Amour's progress, open your eyes if you have to. Remember that there are a lot of Amourshippers out there in both Japan and the rest of the world, and they all get enormously hyped when and Ash and Serena have "developments". And there is no doubt that the writers recognize this, what else can I say? They'll just going to continue to give the fans what they want and that's that.

With everything that's going on right now, I think Ash's view of Serena is that he puts her "higher than most" girls in general. You could say that Ash thinks that Serena is the most special person to him in Kalos, just as Dawn is the most special someone to him from Sinnoh. However, no one can truly say that Ash likes Serena more than the others because Ash hasn't got a chance to consider them. For example, Dawn was put side by side with both May and Iris in the Wallace Cup and Junior Cup cameos; Ash has favored Dawn both of those times. So the only way to compare and confirm is to stand Dawn and Serena side by side to see who he likes better. My point is that just because Serena's the only female heroine with him in Kalos doesn't mean he limited to just Serena. He has other options you know. I just wish the writers would recognize that.