The Shipping Situation Update 8/14

14/08/2015 01:56


The Shipping Situation Update:

First off, the new Hoopa: Clash of Ages (Movie 18) was recently released in Japan. Not too many significant hints there, so no need to worry. Well, there is the ending theme Tweedia that has some interesting lyrics. It has a romantic feel and depicts a woman thanking a man for being by their side. Sounds familiar? This is just like Movie 11's ONE song. They are even sung in the same key! But unlike Movie 11's ONE, there are no direct references in the song to the Hoopa movie. Plus, the song used the titular flower as more of its inspiration compared to ONE which used its movie for ideas (thousands of flower petals).


There are many different lyrics to this song, but to give you an idea, one of the lyrics is At once, I've finally discovered my true "love"

Tweedia vs ONE, I've discovered my true love vs You are the one. 


You can read the lyrics here:

(But most Amourshippers don't consider the music anyway, so isn't really that serious)



Now you may or may not have heard of the "Mamoswine" (XY83) and the "Nurse Serena" (XY84) episodes. These episodes have Ash complimenting Serena in a sweet but small way.

Both episodes involve Ash complimenting Serena, but in a way that doesn't show true signs of exclusivity, favoritism, or any breaking of denseness. It's like they're trying to make Ash hints without confirming anything too big:


-In XY83 Ash complements Serena for finding moss (or whatever that thing was)

-In XY84 Ash says that her nurse outfit is very practical


So there really isn't anything new here, the main development this time around is that Ash is starting to "complement" Serena more. And we already know Serena likes Ash so that's not new.


Additionally, Bonnie knows about Ash and Serena. Oh boy. Max may have had his own thoughts about Ash and May so we'll see how far Bonnie goes.

I'm also calling it right now that every single Showcase episode in the future will have hints.

And there's also a Team Flare arc coming up so there might be some hints there.

We'll just have to wait and see.