Why Do You Bash Amourshippers and Amourshipping?

17/10/2014 22:10

This question has been asked countless times, and now Project Pearlshipping is going to thoroughly and completely justify itself.

First point of order:
Project Pearlshipping DOES NOT bash Amourshippers. The bashing of Amourshippers may occur within elements of the Project like Vault but the Project itself does not bash the shippers as people. If we bash anything, we bash the ship, not the shippers.

But that's not all. We don't bash Amourshipping either. Let's take a look at the word "Bash". Bash typically means irrational hating on something without reason.

We do not bash. We criticise, contrast and compare (Abbreviation: CCC) but we do not bash. While we get a lot of attention for being the only significant organization that expresses outward disapproval of Amourshipping, we do it with developing ideas and using facts from the anime. If we CCC Amourshipping, it does not constitute as bashing the shippers as people. Not at all.

A lot of people accuse us of bashing people, bashing us for "bashing" if you will, which is ironic. If we express a view, we do it by criticizing, contrasting and comparing with intelligent analysis. Something which cannot be counted as bashing.

Topic: Why Do You Bash Amourshippers and Amourshipping?

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