"Love is not about who you have known the longest, but who came and never left your side."

Our Leverage: Pearlshipping

Pearl v Amour focus: DATES?!

24/02/2016 13:21
(Previously featured in the November 2015 newsletter) Many of you have heard of or seen XY059 “Satoshi and Serena’s first date?!”- The (I think) misleadingly and stupidly titled episode about Ash and Serena’s supposed first date (because it sounds like some idiotic fangirl is screaming the title...

Who's in Contention?

11/08/2015 10:27
Talking about who's going to end up with Ash is often a 5 way battle, but if you think about the anime, you can narrow it down to just three, which makes it slightly less complicated. Firstly, who's out of the running? 1. Misty Part of the reason for Misty being ruled out is, of course, her long...

Fighting...what about it?

06/08/2015 17:30
Many of you here have used the fact "Ash and Dawn do not argue" in the 5 Facts threads for Pearlfest. Well I believe that Ash and Dawn do in fact argue; it's just that they handle it the best. Plus, a new point continues to be brought up that Ash and Serena don't bicker at all. Note that this...


27/06/2015 15:52
Now, there are nice things to say about all the Pokegirls, some more than others, but in this article we will see how Dawn makes Pearlshipping such a good ship to support, as well as some of her negative points. How Dawn makes Pearlshipping good, largely rests on how good a role model she is, so...

References to the Future

01/02/2015 19:11
With that "other ship" becoming more and more imminent, it seems like Pearlshipping is starting slip away at this point. However, there is something that remains strong . Many of the music, some of which even make canonical references, are filled with words about the future. They talk about what...

The Franchise Supports Pearl!

17/07/2014 11:45
There's some special news from the Pokemon Art Academy trailer. Pokémon Art Academy has nothing to do with Pearlshipping at all, in fact it is related closer to the card game and the regular games. But somehow, even they know that Pikachu and Piplup are related. At the end of the E3 trailer...

Dawn's Cameo: Piplup, Pansage and a Meeting of The Times

07/04/2014 10:22
This is Part 1 of the analysis of Dawn's cameo. So some people say that Dawn's cameo was a complete and utter fail for Pearlshipping. I say no. If you look closely enough, the episodes are chockfull of hints. And it's definitely a victory for Pearlshipping. Not only did the episodes contain many...

Important Points To Note

23/01/2014 21:59
Farewell, or See you later?: It is noted that Ash has said, in the Japanese original version, "Sayonara", the farewell, goodbye to every travelling female, except for Dawn. Instead, both times (DP end and BW cameo), he has said "Ja mantane", which means "See you later". Obviously not definitely...

Official Merch

Out of all the ships, one of Pearlshipping's distinct characteristics is that it has a lot of merchandise and official artwork which hints towards it. The images below are from the Japanese Satohika site, but that can be hard to navigate, so we've compiled them in the gallery below.

On our resources page, you can also find pictures from the Sakai Takayuki Manga, as well as links. Here is the bulbapedia page on it.

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