Arts Coordinator

Hey there! I'm PlatinumSun of Project Pearlshipping. 


As Arts Coordinator, I have two jobs to do. The first task is to oversee the Correspondents and make sure all arts for the month's newsletters are secured on time. My second job is to ask fanartists to have their fanart be featured in the newsletter as well.

If you want your fanfic and/or fanart to be featured then message me on these pages respectively:

I hate writing but I love writing. I hate essays and reflections that you have to do in school, but when it comes to poems and stories, I truly enjoy writing them. Also, I am slightly fashionably blind and enjoy video games. I enjoy other fandoms too: RWBY, Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, Yandere Simulator and Percy Jackson in that order of priority with Pokémon at the top (for now).

Name Origin: Platinum comes from both Pokémon Platinum version, the game that got me back into Pokémon (in 2014) and Platinum Berlitz (because I am a big Dawn fan). Sun was what I came up with because I wanted the second part of my username to start with S and it also is related to Dawn considering her English name has to do with the sunrise and her Japanese name, Hikari, means "light". I wanted my initials to be PS so they can also stand for Pearlshipping.