I.T. & Concept Manager

FinesseMalkin is on Serebii forums:


Hey! I am FinesseMalkin & I have already chosen who I will bash! 

I am a musician, though another major interest of mine is Religious Studies. I don't know why I like it, because hardly anyone I know are barely interested in the subject, let alone like it. But I suppose my love of music comes from the fact that I am quite an auditory learner.

I belong to other fandoms too: (in order of dedication which can change over time) Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Lindsey Stirling, Wardstone Chronicles (Spook's), The Hunger Games, Coldplay, Stephen King, Maximum Ride.

My chosen name explained: Finesse means skill & elegance in doing something. I like to think that that is the way I'll be by the end of this, & also finesse has got a certain resemblance to my own name. Malkin, however, is is a statement from my fandom, Wardstone Chronicles, & Malkin is simply the name of the oldest & most feared witch clan of Pendle.

I upload videos to Pearlshipping TV and innovate new ideas for Pearlshipping Vault.