General Project Manager

Hi, I'm IceArceus and I am the creator of Project Pearlshipping.

I'm 17 and I'm finally at University! Obviously I am not going to mention which specific Uni it is, but I'm pretty proud of it and let's just say it's a World top 10. I'm studying Biology and it's amazing - wanted to do it since I was like, 6. Right now I am a webmaster on  Vault, and I will be there generally, at least once a day. I basically develop site ideas and do general maintenance, like changing the theme once in a while to keep things fresh. I am always looking to add new functionality to Vault so if you have any ideas of what else you want from the site then do tell!

My job here is to post updates and analysis (the majority of analysis here is written by me) on DataCore, manage any analysis that is submitted, and general maintenance and ideas development on Pearlshipping Vault. I'm active on the Facebook page.

At the moment I am on hiatus on Fanfiction due to the fact I have a lot of work and I'm not really getting any inspiration. I do other arts related stuff for Pearlshipping but I'll leave you to guess what it is.

I don't do much for other fandoms but I like Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and Warrior Cats.