Fanfiction Correspondent

Sup, fellow Pearlshippers! My name is Knight Of Balance, though you can call me KOB for short.
Mostly, I act as a Fanfiction writer but I’m always willing to critique one’s writing. After all, with all those who have sullied our medium, we Fanfiction writers need to be at peak performance to redeem ourselves. I can often be found on Pearlshipping Vault, helping out ad greeting new members. Sometimes I can’t get online but I do the best I can.

As Fanfiction Correspondent, it’s my job to go out and find the diamonds in the rough among all the Pearlshipping fanfics. And no, none of my work will ever be featured to prevent any form of bias. It’s sad but that’s the price I pay for this job. I also inform the writer of this and ask them for paragraph abut themselves and their story.

I love play video games, mostly puzzle or adventure games like Zelda or Elder Scrolls, but I do play others as well. I am a casual anime watcher, preferring Shounen and Senin animes. My Top 5 have to be: 5. Yugioh 4. Pokémon 3. Dragon Ball Z 2. Kill La Kill 1. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

My name represents my philosophy: We all have light and dark within us, the power to create and destroy. It is up to us to keep that balance and decide what we think is right and fight for it. I know the world is uncaring and cruel but that all the more reason to be good!
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