Administrator & Graphics Coordinator

Hello, I'm SakuraBlossom of Project Pearlshipping.

My job is to host the monthly banner competitions on Pearlshipping Vault. I answer any questions and help out members with anything related to banners as well. I'm also an administrator on the forum, so I make sure that all of members are doing well and look out for any issues that may occur.

Along with creating banners, I've used my skills to design wallpapers for multiple devices. I also used to write original stories on writing websites like Wattpad, but I've taken a hiatus due to getting busy with school work and other interests. I do plan to go back to writing in the future. Most likely fanfiction rather than original stories.

I'm a part of several different fandoms. Literature wise, the fandoms I am most active in are Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, and Divergent trilogy. As for video games, I am active in the Mario and Pokémon fandoms. I've seen quite a lot of anime, but the fandoms I have contributed the most to are Pokémon, Fairy Tail, and Attack on Titan.

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