Site Updates 2/1-2/6

As seen is the Shipping Situation update, expect major reforms in the nature of Project Pearlshipping as it evolves.

We've also passed direct access to this site for NovaStorm- thank you for bearing with us in this period of drought- but finally there should be more frequent updates. But Oct 2015 is when it'll really start- one of our admins will be at Uni and will have much more parent free time.

Feb 1st: Updated Pearlshipping TV main homepage block with new video | 

Feb 2nd: Added 5 testimonies to "Additional Stuff" | 

Feb 3rd: Made "Testimonies" its own page; added external links to "Additional Stuff" | 

Feb 5th: Added FAQ Questions on the "Ask Us" page | 

Feb 6th: Added "I'll Always Remember You" Analysis to the Music page