Welcome to the Resources page! This is where we'll post things that might be of use to you as a Pearlshipper. If this is your first time visiting the site, there are probably a few links we have below that you haven't visited yet. As of now, this page only has one respectable sub section (we've barely started on the episode companions) and that's the Newsletter section. 

About the newsletters:

Newsletters are published every month and we try to publish them within the first week but sometimes it'll slip our minds if we're busy in real life, in which case it might be late- if a newsletter is late this will be announced on the announcements box on Vault (you don't need an account to see this). 
In newsletters, we generally have a few sections that we do every month:
- Update on all Pearlshipping arenas: This is an update on almost all fansites that there is significant Pearlshipping activity on that aren't related to Project  Pearlshipping itself, with the exception of a Vault update. We tell you what's going on, if they're worth visiting this month etc.
-Hint of the Month: Should really be called analysis of the month, since we generally analyse a concept for you, and it'll usually either be one that has never been seen online to our knowledge, or an old classic that'll make us Pearlshippers all warm and fuzzy inside. We didn't do a hint of the month for the last few newsletters due to lack of hints and motivation, but rest assured we are on fire again for Pearlshipping and we'll be trying our best to deliver in the coming newsletters.
-Fanfiction of the Month/ Fanart of the Month: We try to feature a fanfiction that someone has written for the month- we usually choose ones that are in the process of being written by less well known writers in order to give them some support, but if there's nothing of that kind then we abandon those guidelines and see what we can feature. Same goes with fanart (we haven't started the fanart of the month yet but we hope to have one next month).
-Pearlshippy things to do: What it says on the tin. We give a list of things that are "in season" for Pearlshippers to do that month and you will notice one recurring item on the list.

Additional Stuff

The Pearlshipper's Toolkit:

So, seen enough and want to look more into Pearlshipping? Here's a little checklist to tick off the milestones.

  • Heard High Touch
  • Watched Pearlshipping's #1 movie, Rise Of Darkrai
  • Watched the other two movies, part of the same Trilogy, Giratina And The Sky Warrior and Arceus And The Jewel Of Life
  • Seen Episode DP062, Tanks For The Memories, a significant Pearlshipping episode.
  • Visited the Japanese Satohika site
  • Learn the words and sing (Japanese!) to High Touch and quote some lyrics when talking about Pearlshipping. Obviously have a look at the lyrics in your language as well so you actually know what they mean. 


External Links

Project Pearlshipping:
Other Pearlshipping Sites:

Sakai Takayuki Manga Links

For every Pearlshipper, there are gems to be discovered, and one such gem is the Sakai Takayuki manga, which is very Pearlshippy and set in an AU where Ash and Dawn travel without Brock.

"So what?" I hear you cry. Well, this Manga is actually from the Pokemon company!

We have some links for you below, courtesy of my colleague mew151 on Pearlshipping Vault. The first link has the scans online, but just in case they don't display, we also have volumes 1 & 2 as zip file downloads. The English translation is by mooites on Tumblr, and we also have some excerpts of the manga in the gallery below.


Sakai Takayuki Manga Excerpts

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