Below are some stories of personal Pearlshipping history. We really don't have enough... so why not send us your own? Details here.


My Testimony: Kirby

22/11/2015 21:15
Q: We're you always a PearlShipper? Not really. Although Pearl was my first, I temporarily went to amour. It was thanks to you guys that I switched back, and have been a PearlShipper ever since. Q: What were your first impressions of PearlShipping? I was like, "aww," and I guess it branched off...

My Testimony: max acorn

22/11/2015 21:14
well, since you guys asked me, i figured i'd give my testimonial. honestly, i wouldn't be writing again without pearlshipping. please forgive any mistakes i make since i'm very sick as i'm writing my words. -Were you always a Pearlshipper? can't say that i was at first. i had long since stopped...

My Testimony: sampearlzz

10/09/2015 12:34
Ok what went on with me? Hmmm...ok I got this.Ok here's how it all went down. Yes I was a pearlshipper when the DP show was airing, actually it was my very first ship ever! :3 And plus I like Dawn much more than the rest of the girls and how she had a friendly relationship with Ash.I was only 8 or...

My Testimony: DawnForever101

13/08/2015 12:40
Were you always a Pearlshipper? Honestly, I was not even a shipper. It might be even surprising to some people that I hated Pokémon at first. I don't really know why I hated it, I just found it to be boring and uninteresting. Plus at the time I was only around 4 or 5 years old. Then about one and...

My Testimony: dechirures

25/07/2015 15:29
I've been a Pearlshipper since the Movie Pokémon The Rise of Darkrai got release in the US. And yes, I have been always a Pearlshipper, It was actually my first ever shipping. It's funny actually I never really know what "Pearlshipping" meant before even though I see it because I never actually...

My Testimony: PlatinumSun

24/04/2015 09:18
I don’t have the clearest memory back when Diamond and Pearl came out. I was only 10 and ten year old boys don’t think about romance seriously (why do you think Ash is so dense romantically?). However, I do remember that I loved the show and both Ash and Dawn along with their relationship. I think...

My Testimony: W.R. Winters

17/04/2015 18:12
-Were you always a Pearlshipper? If not, what made you change your mind? Kind of a hard question to answer actually, because to be perfectly honest. I have never really watched the anime. I know it seems Farfetch'd, but perhaps you should hear as to how i was introduced to pearlshipping. I was a...

My Testimony: EpsilonAI

12/04/2015 02:55
1) Were you always a Pearlshipper? Yes and no.  When I was younger and watched Pokémon without any signs of boredom, I somehow found myself shipping Ash with Misty--how naive I was back then--and when Misty left, I started shipping Ash with May, and keep in mind that this was before I...

My Testimony: knightofbalance

02/02/2015 20:52
Were you always a Pearlshipper? Huh. Guess it depends on what you mean by 'always'. When I first discovered Ashshipping, I began searching for one that would really connect to me, the one that would I'd gladly support and protect. So, I looked throughout the internet to find that special...

My Testimony: rubyfire

02/02/2015 20:51
Were you always a Pearlshipper? No, I never cared about Pokémon Shippings. I didn't really look at it much and only focused on the show.  Pokémon shippings weren't something I would never cared about. I did consider supporting Advanceshipping once, but it didn't really click to me. Ash and...
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