Below are some stories of personal Pearlshipping history. We really don't have enough... so why not send us your own? Details here.


My Testimony: xCmdrUsername

02/02/2015 20:50
Were you always a Pearlshipper? Yes, Pearl was my first and is my only ship. Probably a coincidence, but my first Pokémon game was Diamond, so that was the first I saw of Pokémon. Then I "discovered" the anime, and watched the first season, then DP. I never noticed how well Ash and Dawn fit...

My Testimony: Madun

02/02/2015 20:49
I thought this was a good place to start and do my part. Were you always a Pearlshipper? I haven't shipped anyone else but I wasn't there from the beginning either. As a small child, I loved Pokémon but lost interest and stopped watching sometime before AG. Misty was getting on my nerves and...

My Testimony: beemo456

02/02/2015 20:47
Were you always a Pearlshipper? Yeah, pretty much. I'm pretty embarrassed to say this (note that I was very stupid when I was a kid), but I thought Ash was a girl in the original series for about a week or so. I used to dress up as him, until I realized Misty was sort of showing interest in him...

My Testimony; SmellYaLater

15/08/2014 21:19
Were you always a Pearlshipper? Ever since I started shipping characters back in early 2013, I have always been a Pearlshipper and that will never change for me. I grew up with the original series and it was a great show back then but to be honest, Diamond and Pearl was better. Ash shared the...

My Testimony; Killerofchaos7

26/07/2014 21:56
As hard as it may be to believe, I was once a huge Pokeshipper. I always thought that Misty would be the one Ash would eventually have feelings for, but throughout the air time she had wish Ash, I was noticing all of their fights/arguments that they would have and Misty's constant nagging about Ash...

My Testimony; Hopefulsleeper

19/07/2014 19:51
The first time I started to consider Dawn and Ash a possible couple was when I saw the episode featuring their first high-five. I had a feeling that the relationship between Ash and Dawn could evolve into something unique. At that time, little did I know that pearlshipping would become a part of...

My Testimony; Ravencupid

19/07/2014 19:51
Were you always a Pearlshipper? No I was actually never involved in any Pokémon shipping. I grew up watching the Original Series, but never liked Misty a lot. After the Johto series ended, I stopped watching Pokémon for a few years. Finally, one day I saw my brother's friend watching the Advance...

My Testimony; mew151

18/07/2014 19:26
-Were you always a Pearlshipper? Before it began? No. I did dwelve into Pokeshipping (Gakishipping I prefer to call it now) during the 1st season of Pokémon, which began close to 2 decades ago, as Misty was pretty interesting at that time. Then in the middle of Advance Generation (I stopped caring...

My Testimony; NovaStorm

28/03/2014 22:43
I was not always a Pearlshipper, I started off as a Pokeshipper. Everyone liked the original series anway and the Pokeshipping hints were very easy to grasp because they were very straightforward and obvious (thanks to the dub). DP was the new series when I started watching, but I really liked...

My Testimony; PearlshippingMeister

23/03/2014 19:12
Yooo. Well, I suppose submitting a testimony would be in order here. Most of you know me as the PearlshippingMeister(a silly little 13 year old, consumed by fandoms, arts, voice acting, and all that jazz) however my story on becoming a pearlshipper might not be clear, ergo it is my utmost duty to...
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