Below are some stories of personal Pearlshipping history. We really don't have enough... so why not send us your own? Details here.


My Testimony; Blackscorpion2

18/03/2014 13:53
Were you always a Pearlshipper? No, not really. I was more of a Cavalier-shipper at first. It really intrigued me to know more about Dawn and Gary so I started writing Fan.fictions that had the story in which there was a slight love-triangle between AshxDawnxGary. Dawn and Gary, as I later found...

My Testimony; pokemongeof

18/03/2014 13:46
My name is Geof, but you can call me pokemongeof. I am not your average shipper, for I am only 14 years of age. I usually keep my shipping to myself and a friend who is also a shipper. But I would like to share some of my information. Were you always a Pearlshipper? No. Originally I watched the...

My Testimony; FinesseMalkin

25/01/2014 19:50
Hi, I am FinesseMalkin. You can find out more about me on Our Team, since I am one of the admins of this site.   My story of Pearlshipping, huh? I can't imagine why you should be interested. But allons-y! I used to think Pokemon was just plastic spheres & plush toys, stereotypically a...
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