The Main Concepts

Moves Ash and Dawn Developed Together

22/07/2015 12:35
One of the main characteristics of Pearlshipping is the way Ash and Dawn worked together, especially in the DP series, to improve each other's skills as trainers. "But this isn't romantic!" I hear you cry! It's not romantic, but it's important. Now, we all know that the XY series has a more heavy...

Equality Between Ash and Dawn: Right from the outset.

21/06/2014 20:29
Some dispute that ALL female companions and their shipping with Ash are the same. In other words, ALL of the female companions are equal and have an equal chance. However, all of the Diamond and Pearl openings shown give Dawn a clear advantage just by the opening text. The text...

Pokemon and Pearlshipping

14/05/2014 19:34
The relationship of Ash and Dawn can be explained by the relationship of their Pokemon, particularly Pikachu, Piplup, and Buneary. Ash and Dawn's Pokemon are a resemblance to the bond that they have with each other. And although this is true for many Ash pairings, the Pokemon involved between Ash...


23/01/2014 21:43
High Five: The High Five first appeared in Mounting A Coordinator Assault. Ash and Dawn did this impulsively in the corridors at the Jubilife Contest, which Ash was persuaded to participate in by Dawn, though he typically does Gym Battles. A sign of encouragement and a trademark of Pearlshipping,...

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SatoHika 4ever <3 | 24/12/2015

Does anyone know a good pearlshipping fanfic? Thank you! :)

Re: fanfics

Tarith | 22/05/2016 (This one is about Dawn attempting not to fall for Ash's singing) It's very great. (This one is about high school, pretty dramatic things and sport, I loved it.)


Kirby | 22/09/2015

Who cares if SatoSere becomes canon? We all know from High Touch that SatoHika is just as canon as Serena's side on the SatoSere shipping. Am I right?

Re: Shipping

NovaStorm | 22/10/2015

You are definitely right. The bond and relationship described in High Touch is something SatoSere will never be able to attain.

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