August 2014

31/07/2014 20:42

It is unknown whether we will be able to carry on doing newsletters- this is not because we don't care about Pearlshipping, but because, since Finesse and I have important study years next year, we simply will not have the time.

There is an important announcement to make. We will no longer be regular administrators of Vault, we will be considerably less active and our current administrative roles will be passed on to other memebers. We will still be here to manage Project Pearlshipping.


This month's analysis

Antenna of the Heart

Fanfic of the Month

Hi everybody, have you had an awesome summer so far? I know i have! Sure i spent most of it typing, but still really awesome. Anyway my name is W. R. Winters, but my friends call me Wolf, and i'm a hardcore pearlshipper. i was tired of amourshipping stealing pearlshipping's thunder so i thought it was time for me to write my first pearlshipping fanfic. It's called Ash's Reason; an action packed fanfic where Ash feels betrayal and disappears. Then years later he returns stronger than ever before. I know it sounds cliche, but i have a reason behind it. Ash has never won a league even though his teams are awesome, don't you want to know why? Read it and find out. It may be my only pearlshipping fanfic, but i have more in the works. I'm co-authoring a story called "Give Your Heart A Break". So be on the lookout. I had a lot of fun writing so i hope you enjoy it if you havent read it. So if you want to read it, just look up 'W. R. Winters' and click on the story 'Ash's Reason'. Pearlshipping forever, and i hope amourshipping burns(amourshipping seems very one-sided to me, so i have no idea how it became popular).


Thanks for reading, and see the forseeable future.

IceArceus and FinesseMalkin