About the team...

The Project Pearlshipping staff team is a group of keen Pearlshippers that aren't really based anywhere in particular. We come from all over the world (mainly UK and the US though) and with the exception of myself(IceArceus) and Finesse, none of us know each other in real life. 
That said, any Pearlshipper who wishes to help us expand and add more content is automatically a part of Project Pearlshipping! Our members really do extend globally and I believe we have members from every continent except for Antarctica.
We do this because we love Pearlshipping and want to uncover the depths of it and show you never before seen analysis and information on it. None of us are paid (obviously) and we do this in our spare time alongside our jobs and academic pursuits.

Our Team


General Project Manager

Hi, I'm IceArceus and I am the creator of Project Pearlshipping.

I'm 17 and I'm finally at University! Obviously I am not going to mention which specific Uni it is, but I'm pretty proud of it and let's just say it's a World top 10. I'm studying Biology and it's amazing - wanted to do it since I was like, 6. Right now I am a webmaster on  Vault, and I will be there generally, at least once a day. I basically develop site ideas and do general maintenance, like changing the theme once in a while to keep things fresh. I am always looking to add new functionality to Vault so if you have any ideas of what else you want from the site then do tell!

My job here is to post updates and analysis (the majority of analysis here is written by me) on DataCore, manage any analysis that is submitted, and general maintenance and ideas development on Pearlshipping Vault. I'm active on the Facebook page.

At the moment I am on hiatus on Fanfiction due to the fact I have a lot of work and I'm not really getting any inspiration. I do other arts related stuff for Pearlshipping but I'll leave you to guess what it is.

I don't do much for other fandoms but I like Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and Warrior Cats.



Deputy Project Manager and Media Coordinator

Hello, I'm NovaStorm of Project Pearlshipping.

I do quite a lot for this project. My main job is creating videos for Pearlshipping TV; most of the videos on the channel are my work. I am also a moderator at Pearlshipping Vault and I post updates here on DataCore. And now, I manage the Project Pearlshipping Instagram and Google+ pages. So if it's Project Pearlshipping related, then I'm there. :)

I chose the name NovaStorm because it was a nickname I gave to my Volcarona (Volcarona my favorite Pokemon at the time).

I will not be active because I am rapidly moving forward with my life - I'm starting a social mobile gaming company with my dad. Wish me luck!

Testimony: pearlshipping-datacore.webnode.com/news/my-testimony-novastorm/


Administrator & Graphics Coordinator

Hello, I'm SakuraBlossom of Project Pearlshipping.

My job is to host the monthly banner competitions on Pearlshipping Vault. I answer any questions and help out members with anything related to banners as well. I'm also an administrator on the forum, so I make sure that all of members are doing well and look out for any issues that may occur.

Along with creating banners, I've used my skills to design wallpapers for multiple devices. I also used to write original stories on writing websites like Wattpad, but I've taken a hiatus due to getting busy with school work and other interests. I do plan to go back to writing in the future. Most likely fanfiction rather than original stories.

I'm a part of several different fandoms. Literature wise, the fandoms I am most active in are Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, and Divergent trilogy. As for video games, I am active in the Mario and Pokémon fandoms. I've seen quite a lot of anime, but the fandoms I have contributed the most to are Pokémon, Fairy Tail, and Attack on Titan.

Find me on:

Tumblr: sakurashaven.tumblr.com/

MyAnimeList: myanimelist.net/profile/Hoshi-no-Hikari



Arts Coordinator

Hey there! I'm PlatinumSun of Project Pearlshipping. 

Testimony: pearlshipping-datacore.webnode.com/news/my-testimony-platinumsun/

As Arts Coordinator, I have two jobs to do. The first task is to oversee the Correspondents and make sure all arts for the month's newsletters are secured on time. My second job is to ask fanartists to have their fanart be featured in the newsletter as well.

If you want your fanfic and/or fanart to be featured then message me on these pages respectively:
Fanfiction: www.fanfiction.net/u/6497900/
DeviantArt: platinumsun.deviantart.com/

I hate writing but I love writing. I hate essays and reflections that you have to do in school, but when it comes to poems and stories, I truly enjoy writing them. Also, I am slightly fashionably blind and enjoy video games. I enjoy other fandoms too: RWBY, Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, Yandere Simulator and Percy Jackson in that order of priority with Pokémon at the top (for now).

Name Origin: Platinum comes from both Pokémon Platinum version, the game that got me back into Pokémon (in 2014) and Platinum Berlitz (because I am a big Dawn fan). Sun was what I came up with because I wanted the second part of my username to start with S and it also is related to Dawn considering her English name has to do with the sunrise and her Japanese name, Hikari, means "light". I wanted my initials to be PS so they can also stand for Pearlshipping.



Fanfiction Correspondent

Sup, fellow Pearlshippers! My name is Knight Of Balance, though you can call me KOB for short.
Mostly, I act as a Fanfiction writer but I’m always willing to critique one’s writing. After all, with all those who have sullied our medium, we Fanfiction writers need to be at peak performance to redeem ourselves. I can often be found on Pearlshipping Vault, helping out ad greeting new members. Sometimes I can’t get online but I do the best I can.

As Fanfiction Correspondent, it’s my job to go out and find the diamonds in the rough among all the Pearlshipping fanfics. And no, none of my work will ever be featured to prevent any form of bias. It’s sad but that’s the price I pay for this job. I also inform the writer of this and ask them for paragraph abut themselves and their story.

I love play video games, mostly puzzle or adventure games like Zelda or Elder Scrolls, but I do play others as well. I am a casual anime watcher, preferring Shounen and Senin animes. My Top 5 have to be: 5. Yugioh 4. Pokémon 3. Dragon Ball Z 2. Kill La Kill 1. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

My name represents my philosophy: We all have light and dark within us, the power to create and destroy. It is up to us to keep that balance and decide what we think is right and fight for it. I know the world is uncaring and cruel but that all the more reason to be good!
Message me at jobeprice@hotmail.com



I.T. & Concept Manager

FinesseMalkin is on Serebii forums: www.serebiiforums.com/member.php?364358-FinesseMalkin

DeviantART: finessemalkin.deviantart.com/

Hey! I am FinesseMalkin & I have already chosen who I will bash! 

I am a musician, though another major interest of mine is Religious Studies. I don't know why I like it, because hardly anyone I know are barely interested in the subject, let alone like it. But I suppose my love of music comes from the fact that I am quite an auditory learner.

I belong to other fandoms too: (in order of dedication which can change over time) Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Lindsey Stirling, Wardstone Chronicles (Spook's), The Hunger Games, Coldplay, Stephen King, Maximum Ride.

My chosen name explained: Finesse means skill & elegance in doing something. I like to think that that is the way I'll be by the end of this, & also finesse has got a certain resemblance to my own name. Malkin, however, is is a statement from my fandom, Wardstone Chronicles, & Malkin is simply the name of the oldest & most feared witch clan of Pendle.

I upload videos to Pearlshipping TV and innovate new ideas for Pearlshipping Vault.