July 2014

01/07/2014 13:14

Hello, and welcome to this month’s Newsletter. I’m writing it again because Finesse’s computer is broken. Or her phone. Whichever. Hopefully she’ll be here next month. I hope you all know that Pearlshippingfest has officially STARTED! There are Fanfiction competitions, trivia, and exclusive activities to take part in on Vault! I digress. Without further ado, here’s the report on what’s going on:

Serebii: Great! Loads of new peeps on the thread. I haven’t posted myself in a while but that’s because I haven’t had to! Post frequency has increased!

Fanfiction: Updates on Pearlfics are going nicely. I even updated myself. But even bigger than that, ShadowkittyxX updated! She’s better now, after her health issues, and it’s great to see her back on Fanfiction. Angelcutepie has updated “Crazy World of High School 2” But she is now an Amourshipper. Pearlshipping authors, we need some new talent to step up the game!

Deviantart: ? All I know is that google searches are getting infested with Amour fanart. Blech.

Hint of the Month:

Instead of typing a hint of the month here, the new plan is to post a new page of analysis every month, at least, so the store of analysis keeps building up. The link for this month’s is here:

Ice Cream Syndrome

Fanfiction of the Month: He's The One

This month's fanfic, is from a perhaps less well known author, but her work is clearly of a high standard! It deserves to be better known, that's for sure. Here's the author to tell you more.

Hi, everybody! I'm DawnForever101! You can obviously tell that I love Dawn- well I do- She's my favourite pokegirl! I came into the wonderful world of fanfiction in July 2013. It's been a great experience so far. My stories are currently "He's the One" and " A Secret to Unfold." "He's the One" is about Dawn finding her true love, as she searches who's the right one for her-Kenny or Ash. I started to ship Dawn and Ash ever since I saw the first episode of DP. I am a true pearlshipper and I am proud to say it, and more importantly I will never abandon it for amourshipping. It may be a strong ship out there, but it's no competition for pearlshipping! I can go on and on about how great pearlshipping is, but you can just check out my profile here: https://www.fanfiction.net/u/4936335

You can see my favourite ships, my least favourite ships, pokemon girls I like and dislike and more! If we all work together, we can make pearlshipping one of the best ship in the entire universe and hopefully it becomes canon!



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-Read He's the One


Stay Pearlshippy!