Light Within the Night (by platinumsun)

12/02/2015 10:25

In my introduction, I mentioned that I made a poem from listening to Kimi no Mune in LaLaLa. This is that poem. TBH, I wasn't aware of this song until Pearlshipping TV posted their song analysis, so in a way you guys inspired me to make this poem. It can either be the perspective of Ash or Dawn.

Light Within the Night
I lay down looking at the night
Watching all the sparkling lights
Everything is so unclear
Surrounded by my true fears
Alone, it feels cold and tense
I await your warm presence
Along with your beautiful smile
To brighten the sky for a while
Even though you are there
Giving me strength and energy
I can't seem to find any air
Feeling consumed mentally
I feel scared
But I don't care
Words come out
Without a doubt
Things I can freely tell you
Opposed to others I've talked to
I've never felt like this before
But it gives joy to my inner core
It's time to say goodbye
As the sun leaves the sky
Again, feeling cold and dark
I await for that special spark

By platinumsun