My Testimony: beemo456

02/02/2015 20:47

Were you always a Pearlshipper?

Yeah, pretty much. I'm pretty embarrassed to say this (note that I was very stupid when I was a kid), but I thought Ash was a girl in the original series for about a week or so. I used to dress up as him, until I realized Misty was sort of showing interest in him and the Giselle girl made him fall in love. No, I did not ship PokeShipping or AdvanceShipping. Misty was annoying to me at times (even as a kid) and I didn't really think about her being in a relationship with Ash because, well, she would be a pain in the butt. I love Misty, but come on. AdvanceShipping never occurred to me because I pretty much thought that she and Drew were basically married/dating. I always thought she and Ash had a brother/sister relationship.

Then came the Diamond and Pearl Series. (★^O^★)

I didn't know about shipping until I was in middle school (that's how slow I am). So, when I saw the first couple of episodes of the DP saga, I was interested because Ash and Dawn had a lot in common and had great chemistry together. I literally thought that Dawn was his female counterpart or something. That's how similar they are to me. And the more similar people are in a relationship, the more they'll stay together. I always thought about them everywhere. They destroyed my life very early and easily. I would think up stories about them and then later realize that they were ideas for fanfictions. I didn't notice "hints", I just noticed how great they got along with each other, their high fives, and much more. The show helped me realize this pairing, and especially since I saw the Rise of Darkrai, I loved this shipping with all my heart.

I guess you could say that PearlShipping was my first OTP. (*´艸`*)

What your first impressions of PearlShipping?

My first impressions were not positive ones. When I saw the commercial about DP premiering, I thought, "Another girl that won't have real interest in Ash? Whoop dee-boring-doo." :P I thought that she'd either be like May, who had her rival/husband or Misty, who would boss Ash around. I was completely wrong. I watched the first episode and I completely fell in love with Dawn and her character. Even after Pikachu completely fried her bike, she didn't nag and follow Ash for a new one (unlike [mostly] Misty and May). I loved their high fives and it really cheered me up when their relationship wasn't always perfect.

But my very first impressions of them being together were negative. (Listeningtomusic)

Why are you a Pearlshipper?

Um, to support them and to make them canon. And to pull them through the disease known as AmourShipping/Serena. I absolutely adored their relationship in the show and I squealed when Dawn came back in Best Wishes. The Rise of Darkrai and other movies helped fuel my love for this shipping, which I have supported since forever. I will never ever forget my first OTP ever.

How long have you been a Pearlshipper?

For half of my life. I loved them since DP aired, which was 2007 here in the US. You can figure out the rest.

What would you advise potential Pearlshippers?

LOVE THEM AND HELP US MAKE THEM MAKE BABIES Shupahsaiyan//shot Just kidding, I would advise them to re-watch the DP saga and point out their (almost) perfect relationship and how they work great together. DON'T BANDWAGON ONTO AMOURSHIPPING. That's one of the first things I would tell then. Don't abandon your ship for this crap! There may be times where you may be on the edge of shipping Amourshipping (I was ALMOST on the edge on one point), but DON'T. It would be like abandoning your family. Remember that the Internet is a huge world and that other people may be Pearlshippers and you can fangirl with them. The Pearlshipping community is a great and happy family and we would be really honored to talk you under our wing! At least, that's what I would say to everyone looking to ship Ash and Dawn with someone.