My Testimony; Killerofchaos7

26/07/2014 21:56

As hard as it may be to believe, I was once a huge Pokeshipper. I always thought that Misty would be the one Ash would eventually have feelings for, but throughout the air time she had wish Ash, I was noticing all of their fights/arguments that they would have and Misty's constant nagging about Ash giving her a new bike (Man, was that incredibly aggravating to hear after so many times ;-|)! By the time that the last episode of her appearance with Ash came along, I was feeling quite glad. I mean, yeah. She was still somewhat of a good friend and had helped Ash on plenty of occasions and all, but still. Seeing her as Ash's love interest was something that I had long since dropped when thinking about the negatives in addition to what I've already stated earlier.

Then May came along during Ash's Hoenn/Battle Frontier journeys. I remember sort of taking a near instant liking to May after watching the first few episodes of the AG saga. While she and Ash may have had their fair share of arguments and her complaining about her bike also being trashed (even though it was MUCH less so than Misty), IMO she was MUCH more decent than Misty. Now truth be told, yes. If you're all wondering, yes. I do happen to support Advanceshipping, BUT (hold the phone there, folks), when it comes to relationships involving May, I'm more of a Contestshipper than Advance and see it as the more legit shipping. Between Ash and May, it was bit more of May than Ash (of course) if we're talking about feelings, but as for her and Drew, you can CLEARLY see the hints that are there between them, what with Drew's teasing and rose-giving and all, and later on when May got used to him, there were moments where you can tell that she had feelings for him, hence why I support this pairing more than AshxMay (You can all rest easy now lol. Lay down your weapons (rofl)). Besides, I see more of a student/mentor sort of relationship between Ash and May anyway, which, from my viewpoint, makes more sense than anything romance-wise......

Finally, we come to the Diamond and Pearl series. It really saddens me that I had not watched beyond episode 10 of this particular series from the time I started watching Pokémon to the point when I stopped doing so for a few years (I'm guessing due to just getting tired of the same old, same old with Ash never winning a league) before deciding to start all over again during early 2012 (After about 3 or 4 years of the day I stopped watching Pokémon). I've not known much about Dawn because of that, but when I finally got around to watching from Seasons 10-13 (including the films throughout them), I saw remarkable things about Dawn; things that made me become the Pearlshipper that I am today.

How about I start off with something simple, like her attitude toward Ash after HER bike was fried. Yes, she sorta snapped at Pikachu about it initially, BUT she NEVER got mad at Ash about it during DP038 and didn't constantly nagged about getting a new one afterwards, making her the FIRST girl to be so forgiving like that to Ash since she understood the situation at the time, knowing that she couldn't get mad at Ash and demand another bike out of him. I instantly liked Dawn JUST for that alone. I'm just sitting there, like: "Wow. She...she didn't explode at him about her bike being trashed! That's a first!", but obviously there's more that made me make this shipping my Numero Uno.

I'd also like to mention my recognition of the closeness/bond between Ash and Dawn. The evidence is as clear as crystal. Look at the NUMEROUS times where they battled, trained, supported, been there for, and saved each other. You never saw this sort of thing with Misty, May, or Iris (I know that I didn't mention much about her, but I NEVER once liked the idea of Negaishipping), and it made me really appreciate and love the fact that these two were close like that. Truly, it touches me to see this sort of...connection, if you will, that the two of them had going on. I never saw such a strong bond shared between Ash and one of his other female companions until I saw how it was with him and Dawn. This is what REALLY began to make me feel strongly about a romantic relationship between these two when I first thought about it...

Lastly would have to be THEIR arguments and fights. During the beginning, they did sass and yelled at one another, whether it was about gym battles or contests being better (DP004), or who was the more worse tag battle partner (DP029). This became FAR less common as the anime went on, and even after getting into another one of their fights, they made up as quickly as they were at each other's throats. Ash's past fights with Misty and May never ended THAT quickly nor were they as less common as they were with Dawn. To me, I find that very important because this shows that they care for another too much to simply stay angry at the other for long, much less ridicule their talents and are quite forgiving toward each other, making it only further back up what I said earlier about their closeness. That's chalks up another mark in my book of reasons of why I'm a Pearlshipper.

The list of reasons go on, but seriously. The hints of Pearlshipping are as strong as anything else, which is why this shipping is the one that I'll ALWAYS love the most and will do so for as long as there is breath in this body of mine. :) It's beautiful, pure, logical in every aspect, wondrous, cute, romantic, and so much more. In fact, did you all know that at one point during a poll in Japan regarding Pokémon shippings, Pearlshipping was the most supported? Yeah...EVEN A GOOD CHUNK OF JAPAN agrees with us other Pearlshippers out here that this is the only true shipping that should've became canon as far as relationships regarding Ash go. Seeing the last episode of D&P actually brought me to tears, having to see Dawn and Ash separate at the end. It shouldn't have happened! The producers should've kept Dawn around for Ash's Unova journey instead of making her stay behind for that horribly-timed photo-shoot with Buneary. They could've made Dawn decline the offer out of her affection for Ash but thought it was a smart move. >__> *Sighs* Well, that's why we have fanfiction, right haha? It wasn't until after the end of Ash's Sinnoh journey that I started making fanfic videos revolving around Pearlshipping, and you know what? I feel very proud to be the Pearlshipper that everyone has come to know me as, and by having people like my Youtube subscribers and you all on here as other fellow supporters, the feeling's that much greater! my story.

Long live Pearlshipping. May it last eternally. ♥ ♥ ♥