September 2014

02/09/2014 19:45

Hello there, welcome to the September newsletter! Since Ice and Finesse are busy, from now on the new admins, SakuraBlossom and CherryCheer, will be writing the newsletter. This month you will be joined by me, SakuraBlossom.


Monthly report on Pearlshipping: 

Serebii- Activity on the thread has been rather slow the past month. However, it seems to be slowly picking up again. 

Deviantart- I've been submitting banners I have made on my account, although I haven't updated in a while. As for other art, a new group named Pearlshipping-love has been formed. While it's mostly infested with Amour artwork, which is ironic, there has been quite a lot of new fanart for Pearl that hasn't been noticed. A few new updates have been made. Pearlshipping Vault- Plenty of new members have joined. Activity on the threads has increased quite a lot. 


Hint of the month with SakuraBlossom:

On September 28th, 2006, the first 3 episodes of Diamond and Pearl were aired in Japan. Since the current month is September, I will be scanning episode 3 When Pokemon Worlds Collide. 

In this episode, Ash and Dawn finally meet each other after Pikachu was initially captured by Team Rocket and found by Dawn. While it was only the beginning, the hints are quite strong in this episode. Pikachu was captured once again by Team Rocket, while attempting to escape the machine, Pikachu's attacks allowed Ash to finally locate him. While attempting to save Pikachu, Ash had jumped onto the machine while dodging attacks from the arms. During the entire scene, it was often cut to Dawn gasping/squealing. 

Now let's compare this to May's reaction when Ash was in danger during the first episode of AG. May was rather disinterested at what was occurring until she learned what could happen to Pikachu. While May did show some concern, it was more of a general reaction. Dawn displayed more concern and it was greatly emphasized with her constant squealing. Also, Ash was in far more danger during the first episode of AG, so that is something to consider. This shows that Dawn's level of care and concern towards Ash has been high since as early as episode 3. 

After that, Ash defeats Team Rocket and introduces himself to Dawn and vice versa. Another important scene that occurs in this episode is how Dawn joins in the group. Out of all of the female companions, Dawn was the first and only one to directly ask Ash if she could travel with him. Something I noticed that tends to be neglected is Ash's response to Dawn asking him. While initially surprised by Dawn's sudden request, Ash replies by saying "Great, come along. When it comes to traveling, the more the merrier I say." Ash happily accepts Dawn's request and even adds that he would delighted to have another traveling companion with him. This differs from Misty and May who forced him to allow them to join him with the excuse of the bike. Dawn didn't even bring up the bike until much later in the season. Shows the difference in his relationship with Dawn compared to the other girls. It is the first step into a wonderful friendship. 


Fanfiction of the month: Shining Road to Victory, a collab fic by Jukezorz, LegendaryPhenom, and Hikatoshi26.

Hey, everyone! I'm Chosenone151, co-author of Shining Road to Victory! I'm a big Pearlshipping fan, also known as yxa4evr on DeviantArt, as well as the runner of the "ash-chosenone" RP blog over on tumblr. I had the idea of giving Ash more credit where it was due long ago, and thanks to the help of Hikatoshi and LegendaryPhenom, I've started up a fanfic to fulfill that idea!._

Good day fellow Pearlies! The name's LegendaryPhenom, and I am a member of Pearlshipping Vault and an author on Fanfiction. I am the youngest in this collab fic, and I joined to further hone my skills not only as a writer but as a Pearlshipping writer. I am a co-author of Shining Road to Victory, and I also have The Hidden Truths as my own project under my fanfic name LegendaryPhenom (I need to add that second chapter T-T) I hope you enjoy the wonderful adventures of an older AU Ash post-Sinnoh League on his quest to conquer his home region, with the help of a certain illuminating friend (if you know what I mean.) Humor, romance, and the pure epicness that only Pokemon battles can create await you, our dear readers! Don't forget to review! Your input is greatly appreciated.

My name is Hikatoshi, I've been a Pearlshipper since 06 and its still my OTP. SRTV is a fun collab I am doing with two bros that has made pearl so much more fun. I also author a few more fanfics for pearl on (Hikatoshi26) 



• Watch the first 3 episodes of Diamond and Pearl.

• Read "Shining Road To Victory".

• Sign up on Pearlshipping Vault if you haven't already. 

• Keep checking Pearlshipping TV for any new videos. 


Stay Pearlshippy! 


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Good job

Shinypikachu | 03/09/2014

Did well Sakura! But that May comment really hurt lol

Re: Good job

TM87 | 16/09/2014

Ash was actually in the most danger when jumping off Prism Tower in XY, but Serena wasn't actually there with him.

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