Tell Us Your Story

26/01/2014 18:42

Testimonies for why Pearlshipping became your OTP, if you're a Pearlshipper, are wanted! Unfortunately Our original post on Serebii Discussion 3.0 has been removed for "Advertising", therefore, here are the details:


To add to the content of this still-developing website, we are looking for testimonies to publish on it. These testimonies are meant to convince potential Pearlshippers that this ship is the way to go.
If you are interested in contributing to the latest addition to our site, please send all testimonies to IceArceus on Fanfiction net or the Pearlshipping Vault Collective fanfiction account there, or post on the Testimonies thread on Pearlshipping Vault. Remember to answer these questions in the text (you're also free to add any additional comments):

-Were you always a Pearlshipper?
-If not, what made you change your mind?
-What were your first impressions of Pearlshipping?
-Why are you a Pearlshipper?
-How long have you been a Pearlshipper?
-What would you advise potential Pearlshippers?

OPTIONAL: Add your favorite OFFICIAL Pearlshipping image, or alternatively add fan art. (if the fan art is not yours, it is vital that you identify the artist so IceArceus can credit the artist accordingly). The image you put will be on the same page as your testimony if it is chosen. It must be Pearlshipping/Pokemon related.

If your testimony is chosen to go on the site, an email will be sent to you to confirm its publicity. Please note we will spellcheck your work if need be. We will read ALL sent testimonies & will add as many as we can. We are asking for testimonies with over 700 characters; there is no maximum to how large your work is, neither is there a set amount to how many testimonies we will add; if it meets our requirements & standards, we will add it. No personal details are sent to third parties. It is essential that you put your Serebii Forums or Fanfiction.Net (or any other fansite) username in the subject box since we will not put your real name for safety reasons. If no username is stated, your testimony may be marked as anonymous.

Good luck, & goodbye!