"Being the only supporter of a ship would be boring, but a huge,
soulless bunch of shippers wouldn't be much better. I'm glad neither is
the case here...you should know that I appreciate all
the effort you put into this. It's one of the main reasons I'm still
loyal, and I don't intend to change that anytime soon."


"Twice I was tempted to become an Amourshipper, both times prior to becoming a member of Vault. The first time was in fear of it becoming canon and the second was because everyone else seemed to be doing it. Both times, I resisted it with the help of Project Pearlshipping. They helped me realized that I'm not the only Pearlshipper out there who still believes.


"Then I discovered Project Pearlshipping, and after some thread
stalking...then my Pearlshipping
faith increased tenfold."


"I have never felt so good to be in such a community like the
Pearlshipping community. ..I mean, we literally have a site for Pearlshipping. I
mean, that's kinda crazy and cool!"


"I have been on other shipping boards, and I have to say none of them
feel like they promote their communities like you guys here at the
Vault! (thanks Ice, Nova, Finesse, and everyone else). The community
created here  around Pearlshipping is the only community I really feel I
belong in, that I feel at home."


"I was always scared some pokeshipper would try to bully me into hating
pearl and Dawn and i didnt really know how to respond properly. But
thanks to datacore, im able to counter any argument successfully and im
not terrified of having a debate with another shipper."


"I was losing hope also, but thanks to Ice's DataCore's articles, I became reconvinced! "


Join Us

So you've checked Project Pearlshipping out, and you want to join in with the Pearlshippiness?

Well, the way to be a member of Project Pearlshipping is to make an account on Pearlshipping Vault.

Making an account gives you a bridge to us, as well as connecting you to other like minded Pearlshippers. When making an account, it allows you to submit articles onto Pearlshipping Vault for publishing here, and it also gives you a chance to tell other Pearlshippers about any of your own efforts, to publicise any Pearlshipping fanfiction or fanart or videos etc, that you may have made; Pearlshipping Vault is so much more than just a forum, it gives you a part to play in Project Pearlshipping.

You may also subscribe to our YouTube Channel, Pearlshipping TV! It is different to Vault in that TV is mainly delivered by us, whereas Vault is mainly delivered by the members. Most of our videos have been created by the man who goes by the name NovaStorm, though anything Pearlshippy could end up there. If you consider yourself an adequate video creator & would like to contribute in a pretty big way, we would be happy to receive your videos by email & if we judge it to be suitable, you may find it as a TV Bonus!




Are we effective? August 15

Let's look at the graph. As you can see, there is a peak in Pearlshipping in July, which was Pearlshippingfest. Amourshipping is way ahead, which is to be expected, since, while we can increase interest in Pearlshipping, we can't really decrease Amourshipping's interest. It's also good to see that Pearlshipping's average interest remains the highest. Let's work to keep it that way.


To contact a member of Project Pearlsipping staff immediately

These details are liable to change, but will generally get you a response faster than an email.

Commenting/messaging our youtube channel: Will be seen by IceArceus or NovaStorm within 5 hours of posting at most.

Private messaging or posting on Vault (for some threads you need an account and for PM you also need an account): Will be seen by IceArceus within 2 hours of posting/messaging.

Contacting Facebook page: Will be seen by IceArceus within 2 hours of posting.

Vault and Facebook will give you the fastest response and in summer these times are all true provided you contact us between 10:00am GMT and 10:00pm GMT. However if you want to send us documents, then of course email is the logical choice. We should take less than two days to respond to an email.

Sundays  are usually our day off. We may respond to messages, but any serious work regarding (for example if you really want a specific analysis to be written) those will commence the next day.