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May 19th 2016: Updates

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We want to make Pearlshipping the most deeply covered ship in the Pokeverse. We want to not just be content with plainly seeing what's on the surface, but to delve deep into the heart of this ship.

Our Project won't only be a comprehensive guide on Pearlshipping, but it also seeks to support and encourage Pearlshippers, both new ones and ones that have been with the ship since DP.

"When every life meets another life, something will be born."

The Shipping Situation Update:

Buneary was featured as a Pokemon in XYZ20 with a quiz section about her. There's a video of that on PTV.
So far no major developments for Amourshipping, although you all know about the episode where Serena dresses up as Ash because he has a fever. And when he had a fever he fell into her arms going "aa..aa" and Serena, being who she is, is like "aaah is he going to say "ai-ai-aishiteru" *blush* etc etc. But no he was just telling Pikachu to attack in his weird feverish state.
And there was the episode where Ash drank out of Serena's bottle. Which she was NOT holding by the way in case that's what you were thinking.
Soooo...all we have to do is keep waiting.


Re: oops.

Me | 23/02/2014

I'll read your post and I'll reply here.

I just don't like the reason given for Serena's crush on Ash and the back-story. Young Serena got lost in the camp and got scared by a poliwag, She fell down and scraped her knee and started crying. Ash finds her and helps her up because she made such a huge deal of a simple scrape. The whole "Never give up until the end" just didn't seem right for that situation. The "hug" was just Ash helping her up and he was letting her get used to standing up. He was just being nice to her and Serena apparently didn't know any other boys so she remembered and crushed on him for a long time. Like others have said, I don't think that they are childhood friends. Ash probably wouldn't have forgotten her that easily if they were.

Haters claimed that Dawn was whiny. She barely was. Several girls in real life are much much worse. Is it bad to worry about your hair? Misty's hair was short, May's hair defied gravity, Iris's hair was long and wild, Serena just ties up the end of her hair which is kind of weird. I'm not a fan of short skirts, but that doesn't make Dawn a slut. Misty's outfit showed way more skin and Serena's skirt isn't much longer.

I don't like Serena. She is the boring, overrated, and all fanservice.

Admin Reply: FM
Couldn't have said it better myself!

I agree with all the comment below me.

Eliana | 23/02/2014

Other than the whole crush on Ash BS, Serena is NOT UNIQUE AT ALL! All we know about her personality is that

1. She loves fashion (Dawn does as well and to a lesser extent May. Heck, Dawn is way more fashionable than Serena is. Example is Dawn's contest dresses.)
2. She can cook/bake. (Again, so can Dawn. All those delicious poffins and I remember her cooking other food in other episodes like pancakes in Doc Brock.)
3. She's a nice girl (Actually all the pokegirls are nice even Misty who is a tsundere and Iris who calls Ash a kid. It's Pokemon after all.) She's not all that nice either. Serena is super sassy to her mom.

I agree she looks like those typical popular girls (I'm thinking of Mean Girls lol). She has that hairstyle, but isn't her hair light brown? It looks more brown than blonde to me.

Obviously she is perfect to Amourshippers. She is such a boring character who has no goal and hasn't even freaking BATTLED YET. If she wins her first battle I will so pissed considering that she hasn't even trained with Fennekin.

I thought Pokeshippers were annoying, but Amourshippers are much worse.

Admin reply: IA
Serena is such a wimp. The fact she hasn't even battled yet... She probably expects Ash to hold her hand and guide her along like in the delusional dreams she has.

Re: I agree with all the comment below me.

pika25 | 23/02/2014

The thing for Serena is, she had 2 episodes that could have redeemed herself.

One was that Rhyhorn race, where she should be involved in the race instead of having another Ash focuse episode (XY's doing this way too many times).

Two was the episode where Prof. Sycamore was captured. The least Serena could have done is have her Fennekin prepared to escape by firing at Team Rocket, but... they gave us that instead.

For the time being, Dawn is the most active female companion... no, partner. There was Iris, but I couldn't make much sense on that.

Serena is annoying to be honest.

Amanda | 17/02/2014

True us Pearlshippers are True and Loyal to the ship. Serena is Perfectly annoying in every angle. Me was right Dawn did get a lot of hate in beginning of D and P. Dawn was creative.

Admin Reply: FM
I know right! Dawn is the one with character. TBH you could say that about every girl in Pokemon except Serena. She's just boring :/

The whole thing about Serena

Me | 17/02/2014

I don't get why everyone is so crazy about Serena. She hasn't really contributed much to the series yet. Amourshippers are really exaggerating Serena's character. Poor Dawn got so much hate when she was first introduced. She has the most realistic personality. Serena seems too perfect...perfectly annoying.

Admin reply: IA
Definitely. Serena's not even perfect if you look just slightly under her skin. Her obsessive nature towards Ash is simply irritating. I cannot see any realistic relationship between them.

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